• Photo of Karsten Sieber

    Bank Interview: 
    Karsten Sieber, Commerzbank

    This month we speak to Karsten Sieber, Head of Cash Management & International Business at Commerzbank about the merger with Dresdner Bank and how clients have benefited from expanded international cash management services. We also discuss the role of technology in the development of cash management services and look at what the remainder of 2010 has in store for the treasury world.

  • Photo of Beat von Gunten

    Bank Interview: 
    Beat von Gunten, J.P. Morgan

    This month we speak to Beat von Gunten about the challenges, opportunities and priorities for treasurers in 2010. We discuss topical issues ranging from credit availability to relationship banking as well as J.P. Morgan Treasury Services’ global strategy for the coming year.

  • Kathleen Hughes, Managing Director, Head of Global Liquidity EMEA, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

    Bank Interview: 
    Kathleen Hughes, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

    This issue Kathleen Hughes discusses the hot topics in treasury ranging from making sound investment decisions to regulatory changes. We also discuss structuring investment policies and conducting due diligence.

  • Photo of Ebru Pakcan

    Bank Interview: 
    Ebru Pakcan, Citi

    Responsible for Citi’s payment product solutions across Europe, Middle East and Africa, Ebru Pakcan provides her insight into the challenges facing customers in the payments space today. We also discuss the impact of SEPA, evolution of cross-border payments and trends of innovative technology impacting the life of the corporate treasurer.

  • Linda McLaughlin-Moore, Managing Director, Asia Pacific Product and Delivery Executive, J.P. Morgan

    Bank Interview: 
    Linda McLaughlin-Moore, J.P. Morgan

    This issue we talk to Linda McLaughlin-Moore about the core principles for growth in the payments industry going forward. We discuss the ways in which the financial crisis has changed the payments landscape and look at the impact that the economic turmoil has had on corporate demands in this area. We also explore the ways in which banks are responding to these new customer requirements.

  • Photo of Alex Caviezel

    Corporate View: 
    Alex Caviezel, J.P. Morgan

    This month we speak to Alex Caviezel about J.P. Morgan’s international strategy, the challenges and opportunities currently facing the transaction banking industry and the lessons that can be learned from the financial crisis.

  • Photo of Mikael Björknert

    Bank Interview: 
    Mikael Björknert, SEB

    This month we talk to Mikael Björknert about the challenges presented to corporates by today’s turbulent markets and how these can be overcome. We discuss strategies for the cross-cultural exchange of knowledge, talk about the challenge of bringing corporates and banks onto the same page and consider whether green initiatives are a thing of the past.

  • Photo of Steve Pateman

    Bank Interview: 
    Steve Pateman, Santander Corporate Banking

    We talk to Steve Pateman about Santander’s acquisitions of Abbey, Alliance & Leicester and Bradford & Bingley in the UK and discuss how Santander has responded to the challenges and opportunities brought by the financial crisis. We also explore the concept of relationship banking and the importance of trust in customer/bank relationships.

  • Photo of Clare Francis

    Bank Interview: 
    Clare Francis, Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets

    This month we ask Clare Francis how the financial markets landscape has evolved in the past three years. We also discuss strategies for responding to the knock-on effects of the crisis in the next 12 months.

  • Rajesh Mehta, Head of Treasury and Trade Solutions, Citi

    Bank Interview: 
    Rajesh Mehta, Citi

    This month we talk to Rajesh Mehta about the impact of the financial crisis on transaction banking and explore the wider implications for corporate treasurers.