• Photo of Margaret Yao and Diane Quinn

    Bank Interview: 
    Margaret Yao & Diane Quinn, J.P. Morgan

    In this interview, J.P. Morgan’s Margaret Yao, MD Asia Pacific Sales Executive, Treasury Services, and Diane Quinn, Managing Director Sales Segment Executive, talk about treasury consolidation and other emerging trends in the Asia Pacific region, with a specific focus on China.

  • Mark Allen

    Bank Interview: 
    Mark Allen, Morgan Stanley

    As of 31st March, 2011, Morgan Stanley Investment Management had more than 640 investment professionals worldwide who managed and supervised over $275 billion in assets for institutional and intermediary investors from around the globe. With 48 offices in 21 countries MSIM serves a diverse client base of institutional investors, including corporations, endowments, foundations, central banks, government establishments, sovereign wealth funds, health-service organisations, financial institutions, public funds, and union and industry pension plans.

  • Margaret Yao, MD Asia Pacific Regional Sales Executive Treasury Services at J.P. Morgan

    Sponsor Interview
    Margaret Yao, J.P. Morgan

    Margaret shares her thoughts on the results of the recently completed Asia Pacific benchmarking survey.

  • Rob Garwood

    Bank Interview: 
    Rob Garwood, Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets

    The corporate treasurer has a far more difficult and extensive set of issues to deal with today than ever previously, not least in the area of foreign exchange. We talk to Lloyds’ Rob Garwood about how to navigate the latest economic, operational and regulatory developments.

  • Frédéric Barthélemy and Thierry Darmon

    Industry View: 
    Frédéric Barthélemy & Thierry Darmon, Amundi

    With over €680 billion in assets under management (including around €120 billion in money market funds), Amundi is Europe’s third-largest asset manager. Amundi was created by combining the asset management expertise of Crédit Agricole and Société Générale. Treasury Today spoke to Frédéric Barthélemy and Thierry Darmon about Amundi’s money offer and the challenges faced by corporate investors in the current market.

  • Maurice Cleaves

    Bank Interview: 
    Maurice Cleaves, Barclays Corporate

    Since joining Barclays in January 2011, Maurice Cleaves has been focused on developing the bank’s cash management strategy and global footprint. Treasury Today spoke to Maurice about his goals for the coming years and the challenges currently faced by the bank’s corporate clients.

  • Steven Victorin

    Bank Interview: 
    Steven Victorin, J.P. Morgan

    In 2010 Treasury Today conducted its first European Benchmarking Study – in association with J.P. Morgan – into the field of corporate treasury. The Benchmarking Study canvassed the opinions of over 450 corporates from across the continent and has since published its findings on a range of topics including cash and liquidity management, risk management, supply chain, technology and bank relationships.

  • Photo of Tony Richter, Head of Strategic Business Development

    Bank Interview: 
    Tony Richter, HSBC Group

    Regarded by EU policymakers as a further step along the path to full monetary union, SEPA, or the Single Euro Payments Area, has yet to capture the imagination of most corporates. With the European Commission expected to announce an end-date for full migration in the near future, we speak to Tony Richter, Head of Strategic Business Development at HSBC, about the obstacles and opportunities the scheme presents for corporate clients.

  • Photo of Leo Yin

    Bank Interview: 
    Leo Yin, BNP Paribas

    Operating in China can be extremely challenging for foreign banks, in particular when corporate clients are based in remote locations. We speak to Leo Yin about BNP Paribas’ effective multi-bank solution that allows the bank far greater reach across China and enables its clients to achieve visibility across their accounts. We also discuss the rise of the direct debit in China, as well as e-receipt account reconciliation.

  • Michael Spiegel, Deutsche Bank

    Bank Interview: 
    Michael Spiegel, Deutsche Bank

    Exploring new ways to interact with clients whilst maintaining high standards and functionality is a significant challenge for today’s transaction banks. We speak to Michael Spiegel, Head of Trade Finance and Cash Management Corporates, EMEA, Global Transaction Banking at Deutsche Bank about the evolution of client dialogue, new technologies and how they are shaping the industry. We also discuss Deutsche Bank’s growth in EMEA, in particular in the Netherlands.