• Jim Fuell and Yera Hagopian of J.P. Morgan

    Bank Interview: 
    Jim Fuell & Yera Hagopian, J.P. Morgan

    By breaking down silos and bringing specialist departments together, banks are far better placed to come up with holistic end-to-end solutions for their corporate clients – and their respective needs. We speak to Jim Fuell, Managing Director, Head of Global Liquidity, EMEA, J.P. Morgan Asset Management and Yera Hagopian, Liquidity Solutions Executive, EMEA, J.P. Morgan Treasury Services, about how this approach can help address the liquidity challenges that corporates face today.

  • Mark Buitenhek, ING

    Bank Interview: 
    Mark Buitenhek, ING

    Becoming SEPA-proof, innovation in European payments and overcoming the scarcity of liquidity: we discuss these topics and more in this interview with Mark Buitenhek. We also touch the idea of treasurers de-coupling from bank standards and how technology is driving this trend.

  • Photo of Pascal Augé

    Bank Interview: 
    Pascal Augé, Société Générale

    We speak to Pascal Augé about the restructure within Société Générale and the bank’s related drive for providing service excellence to its corporate clients. We also discuss the bank’s role on the global stage and the benefits of paving the way as a SWIFT pioneer.

  • Mark Stockley, BlackRock

    Industry View: 
    Mark Stockley, BlackRock

    This month we talk to Mark Stockley, Managing Director, Head of International Cash Sales at BlackRock about the risks, rewards and best practices of the money market fund (MMF) industry.

  • Richard Dallas, Managing Director, Lloyds Bank

    Bank Interview: 
    Richard Dallas, Lloyds Bank

    In these straitened times, it is important for companies to keep pushing forwards. We speak to Richard Dallas about ways in which corporates and banks can work together to create solutions that overcome the unique growth challenges of today’s operating environment. We also discuss the inherent value in recognising innovative projects and best-in-class treasury practice.

  • Photo of Travis Spence

    Bank Interview: 
    Travis Spence, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

    As companies across the globe become increasingly frustrated with the low returns they are achieving on their growing cash piles, we speak to Travis Spence about the investment opportunities available in Asia. Could the China market really generate over three-quarters of a company’s global ROI, using less than a quarter of its cash?

  • Photo of John Gibbons

    Bank Interview: 
    John Gibbons, J.P. Morgan

    We speak to John Gibbons about his appointment as Europe, Middle East & Africa, (EMEA) Regional Executive at J.P. Morgan Treasury Services. We also look at risk and efficiency in a new light, whilst examining the metaphorical ‘DNA’ of a treasurer.

  • Sameer Sehgal, Citi

    Bank Interview: 
    Sameer Sehgal, Citi

    From the unintended consequences of Basel III to the growth of South-South trade flows, we talk to Sameer Sehgal about the current and future trade landscape. We also tackle the impact of the Eurozone crisis on trade and examine the need for increased focus on financial supply chain solutions.

  • Photo of Paul Simpson

    Bank Interview: 
    Paul Simpson, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

    With a growing remit and dwindling resources, the treasurer’s job continues to get tougher. We speak to Paul Simpson about overcoming the mounting pressure on the treasury department – from demands for better forecasting to the need to keep up with industry initiatives.

  • Colin Cookson and Matthew Tatnell

    Industry View: 
    Colin Cookson & Matthew Tatnell, Aviva Investors

    Aviva Investors is a global asset management business dedicated to building and providing our clients with focused investment solutions. Our clients range from large corporate and institutional investors including pension schemes and local government organisations to wealth managers to individual investors. We have more than 1,400 employees, based in 20 offices, across 14 countries, so our investment professionals are well placed to understand the complexities of local markets.