• Deborah Mur, Citi

    Bank Interview: 
    Deborah Mur, Citi

    In this interview, Deborah Mur, Citi’s Western European Head for Treasury and Trade Solutions shares her views about the challenges faced by corporate treasurers in changing economic and regulatory environment in Europe. She also looks at trends in treasury technology, working capital management, and the growing opportunities for corporates in emerging markets, particularly in China.

  • Hugo Parry-Wingfield, HSBC Global Asset Management

    Bank Interview: 
    Hugo Parry-Wingfield 
    HSBC Global Asset Management

    Liquidity management remains a challenging area for corporates, particularly with the low interest rate environment, incoming regulatory change and new risks emerging. With this magnitude of change it is prudent to review investment policies and processes in order to ensure they properly manage risk, according to Hugo Parry-Wingfield, Investment Director, HSBC Global Asset Management.

  • Erik Zingmark, Danske Bank

    Bank Interview: 
    Erik Zingmark, Danske Bank

    Erik Zingmark explains Danske Bank’s philosophy and the role that its real-time technology platform plays in supporting its business objectives, as well as its customers’ business aims.

  • Mahesh Kini, Deutsche Bank

    Bank Interview: 
    Mahesh Kini, Deutsche Bank

    Cash application and reconciliation is a widely discussed and debated topic amongst corporate treasurers. Mahesh Kini, Asia Pacific Head of Cash Management for Corporates Global Transaction Banking at Deutsche Bank, looks at the challenges facing corporates in Asia and how the Bank can help its clients expand across the region.

  • Claudia Colic, UBS

    Bank Interview: 
    Claudia Colic, UBS

    Risk management has become a crucial component of the corporate treasurer’s day-to-day job. Claudia Colic, Head of Transaction Banking, UBS, delves into how treasurers are coping in the challenging environment and how their banks can assist their clients.

  • Mark Stockley, Head of International Cash Sales, BlackRock

    Industry View: 
    Mark Stockley, BlackRock

    The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently published a revised set of proposals in an attempt to bring further resiliency and transparency to the money market fund (MMF) industry. What does this mean for investors and fund managers and how will the European legislators react? Mark Stockley, Head of International Cash Sales at BlackRock Investment Management, considers the implications for all stakeholders.

  • Jim Fuell, Head of Global Liquidity for EMEA, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

    Bank Interview: 
    Jim Fuell, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

    The short-term investment market is in a state of flux as central banks and other national and international bodies seek to influence its direction. With cash-rich corporate investors looking for risk-appropriate opportunities to add yield, a bank needs scale, imagination and investment expertise in equal measures if it is to differentiate itself from the pack. Treasury Today talks to Jim Fuell, Head of Global Liquidity for EMEA, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, about what it takes to be a leader in this dynamic space.

  • Bank Interview: 
    Bank of America Merrill Lynch

    What are the key trade issues for the coming year – and more importantly, how will they be managed? Global and Regional Heads of Trade from Bank of America Merrill Lynch engage with the topics that matter, providing insight for corporate treasurers the world over.

  • Photo of Robert Hare

    Bank Interview
    Robert Hare, Lloyds Bank

    In the current economic environment and the volatility that we’re seeing in European markets, the importance of understanding liquidity options, and creating and managing a liquidity strategy to maintain the health of the business, cannot be overstressed. Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking Director of Specialist Banking, Robert Hare, considers the options.

  • João Carlos Gomes da Silva, Bradesco

    Bank Interview: 
    João Carlos Gomes da Silva, Bradesco

    From supporting sporting initiatives to a real focus on sustainability, in this interview, João Carlos Gomes da Silva, Head of Cash Management at Bradesco outlines the bank’s strengths, strategies and future plans.