• Aidan Shevlin, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

    Money market funds in Asia: assessing the landscape

    With the cash stockpiles of multinationals in Asia continuing to expand, there is a growing level of interest from corporate investors in what Asia’s nascent money market fund industry has to offer. In this article, Aidan Shevlin, Head of Asia Pacific Liquidity Fund Management from J.P. Morgan Asset Management outlines the development of some of the budding key markets in the region, before offering a view on what the future trajectory of these markets might look like.

  • Munir Nanji, Citi

    Bank Interview: 
    Munir Nanji, Citi

    The Asia Pacific (APAC) market has transformed exponentially in recent years given the rise of e-commerce and digitisation more broadly. As a result of this, corporate treasurers have looked to take advantage of the new opportunities offered to them by using digital tools to drive business intelligence and help the business reach its full potential. In this article, Munir Nanji, Asia Pacific Sales Head, Treasury and Trade Solutions, at Citi outlines how e-commerce and digitisation have impacted markets in Asia and how Citi is well placed to help corporates take advantage of the new digital environment.

  • Bea Rodriguez, BlackRock

    Industry View: 
    Bea Rodriguez, BlackRock

    With negative rates, increasingly scarce liquidity in the money markets and regulatory upheaval in both Europe and the US, these are very challenging times for the corporate investor. In this article, Bea Rodriguez, Managing Director, Co-Head of International Cash Management and Chief Investment Officer for the Sterling and Euro Cash team at BlackRock describes how the liquidity management environment for corporates is changing, and outlines some of the alternative investment opportunities now being explored as a consequence.

  • Erik Zingmark, Deputy Head of Transaction Products, Nordea

    Bank Interview: 
    Erik Zingmark, Nordea

    He might not have a crystal ball, but Erik Zingmark, Deputy Head of Transaction Products, Nordea is extremely well placed to discuss both current and future trends impacting the treasury profession. In this interview, Zingmark outlines the new strategic imperatives for treasurers, reveals key insights from Nordea’s Treasury 2017 report and addresses the opportunities treasuries have in becoming strategic drivers in digitisation.

  • Karl Trumper and Baihas Baghdadi, Barclays

    Bank interview: 
    Karl Trumper and Baihas Baghdadi, Barclays

    With traditional trade markets providing less opportunity, companies are looking to diversify their export strategies and enter new growth markets. While there are inevitably challenges that accompany this move, banks such as Barclays have the tools, expertise, and global presence to help the opportunity become a reality. Treasury Today speaks to Karl Trumper and Baihas Baghdadi to find out more.

  • Bea Rodriguez, BlackRock

    Industry View: 
    Bea Rodriguez, BlackRock

    Against a backdrop of low, zero or even negative returns, heavy bank regulation and limited availability of quality investments, Bea Rodriguez, Head of International Cash Portfolio Management, Managing Director, BlackRock looks at what is currently trending for investors, plotting the rise of some very interesting alternate corporate cash management opportunities.

  • Amol Gupte, Citi

    Bank Interview: 
    Amol Gupte, Citi

    In this interview, Amol Gupte, Region Head for Citi’s Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) business in Asia Pacific explains how treasurers in the region are responding to the challenge of an uncertain economic outlook, and how Citi is developing its offerings to help them. He also discusses recent liberalisation initiatives in China, the growing popularity of mobile treasury solutions, and trends in trade finance.

  • Sunil Veetil, HSBC

    Bank Interview: 
    Sunil Veetil, HSBC

    From the uptake of mobile payments to the challenges of cross-border treasury, Sunil Veetil, Regional Head of Payments and Cash Management, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) at HSBC, shares his insights on key developments in the region.

  • Deborah Mur, Citi

    Bank Interview: 
    Deborah Mur, Citi

    In this interview, Deborah Mur, Citi’s Western European Head for Treasury and Trade Solutions shares her views about the challenges faced by corporate treasurers in changing economic and regulatory environment in Europe. She also looks at trends in treasury technology, working capital management, and the growing opportunities for corporates in emerging markets, particularly in China.

  • Hugo Parry-Wingfield, HSBC Global Asset Management

    Bank Interview: 
    Hugo Parry-Wingfield 
    HSBC Global Asset Management

    Liquidity management remains a challenging area for corporates, particularly with the low interest rate environment, incoming regulatory change and new risks emerging. With this magnitude of change it is prudent to review investment policies and processes in order to ensure they properly manage risk, according to Hugo Parry-Wingfield, Investment Director, HSBC Global Asset Management.