• Bond market graph

    Preparing for a corporate bond issue

    Favourable conditions in the capital market could tempt more treasurers to consider issuing corporate bonds. What does the process involve, and what should treasurers bear in mind when embarking on an issuance?

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    Welcome to the syndicate

    A syndicated loan is often part of a wider financing strategy, allowing a company direct access to both banks and institutional investors. But why might a corporate use a syndicated loan and how are these arranged and managed? We go back to basics to find out.

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    In a decent proposal…

    When the time is right to introduce or replace a key part of your treasury technology or to establish a major new banking or service relationship, the selection process can be demanding. Treasury Today considers a key part of any major project: the Request for Proposal.

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    Cash segmentation and investments

    A successful treasurer is one who achieves a good balance between investing excess cash and delivering the necessary cash resources to support company liquidity. In this article, we look at how categorising cash into separate portfolios enables consideration of the risk/return profile necessary to meet the company’s liquidity requirements.

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    Structuring commodities

    History is littered with examples of the transformational power of commodities. The Californian Gold Rush of the 19th century, for example, converted a handful of small frontier settlements on the US West Coast into big cities as hundreds of thousands of people travelled from around the world to make their fortune.

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    Plunging into the cash pool

    Multicurrency liquidity management in a volatile economic environment is a challenge but tools are available to help mitigate risk, lower costs and maximise efficiency. Treasury Today goes back to basics with the notions of pooling and sweeping.

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    Treasury’s companion

    A treasury policy allows the treasury team to conduct activities with the level of flexibility needed, defined by accepted parameters. At least, that is what’s meant to happen. In this article, we look at the importance of exception handling and regular reviews to ensure harmonisation with market and business developments, amongst other priorities, to explore the fundamentals of what a good treasury policy should cover.

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    A valuable proposition

    Often cheaper and faster than using external banking infrastructures, in-house banks can revolutionise a company’s cash flows and significantly reduce the expensive time cash spends stuck in the banking system. But given that corporates must streamline their payment processes and increase the visibility and control over cash flows first, Treasury Today explores the role of a treasurer in implementing the structure.

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    Protecting your assets

    Cash flow forecasting is crucial to managing the financial health of a company and as such, it has remained at the top of the corporate agenda for some time now. But it can be one of the most frustrating tasks, partly because of inaccurate and untimely reporting from different business units. Is a simple or sophisticated approach best? Can technology make the job easier? Treasury Today goes back to basics to answer these questions and more.

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    Raising the standard

    Underpinning the cold, administrative-like nomenclature of ISO 20022 concept is a common language that has the capacity to streamline and lower the costs of a number of corporate-to-bank messaging processes. Treasury Today looks at the story so far.