• Business people shaking hands in agreement

    Play fair: the art of bank fee negotiation

    If you feel your bank fees are not what they should be, how can you get a better deal?

  • Coin submerging in water once dropped from above

    Pool party

    Get back to basics with the pros and cons of cash pooling in all its forms.

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    Measuring success

    Treasurers use a wide range of metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure key areas of treasury, from capital structure to risk management. But a company’s needs can evolve over time – so it’s important to review those metrics on a regular basis and make sure they continue to support the overall business strategy.

  • Profit fund graph with lots of data

    Private placements explored

    As part of the quest for reliable alternative sources of funding, private placements are high on the agenda for treasurers. We explore the ins and outs of this robust option.

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    A quick journey around SWIFT

    Few in treasury have not heard of SWIFT. It’s a complex beast that some say is run by banks for banks. We go back to basics, picking out the key elements and trying to unravel the mysteries of this global infrastructure.

  • Person running up the stairs towards the city

    Exercising options: getting back to basics with derivatives

    Revered and reviled perhaps in equal measures, derivatives have been traded for many years as both a risk mitigation tool in their simplest form, and as an instrument of profit generation in their more exotic incarnation. Treasury Today goes back to basics on this multifaceted topic.

  • Person using digital phone to send information

    Best in class payments and collections

    Many treasury departments already benefit from payment and receivables on behalf of (POBO and ROBO) structures. However, many others are still striving to reach this level of sophistication. Here, we go back to basics to find out how these structures work and how treasury teams can adopt them.

  • Bond market graph

    Preparing for a corporate bond issue

    Favourable conditions in the capital market could tempt more treasurers to consider issuing corporate bonds. What does the process involve, and what should treasurers bear in mind when embarking on an issuance?

  • Business meeting taking place in the afternoon

    Welcome to the syndicate

    A syndicated loan is often part of a wider financing strategy, allowing a company direct access to both banks and institutional investors. But why might a corporate use a syndicated loan and how are these arranged and managed? We go back to basics to find out.

  • Lighthouse at dusk with searchlight beaming

    In a decent proposal…

    When the time is right to introduce or replace a key part of your treasury technology or to establish a major new banking or service relationship, the selection process can be demanding. Treasury Today considers a key part of any major project: the Request for Proposal.