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    Escaping the cash trap

    Asia’s strict regulatory environment has long been a problem for corporate treasurers seeking to optimise their group’s liquidity in the region. But with the pace of regulatory liberalisation increasing, the situation is improving. This article looks at some of the new options available to corporate treasurers trying to tackle the problem.

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    It’s not about the money

    Employee morale is directly tied to productivity and thus companies ignore it at their peril. It makes no sense to wait until there is an issue before tackling employee morale, but how can you spot a potential problem and what can you do about it?

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    Finding funding

    Although Asia is perceived to be a region awash with capital, the cost of bank financing is quite high. As a result, corporates and SMEs are exploring alternative sources of funding, from venture capitalists, private equity and angel investments through to trade finance and bond markets.

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    Leap of faith: are Asian multinationals ready for RTCs?

    As Asian multinationals continue to expand across the region, the incentives to centralise their treasury operations into regional treasury centres (RTCs) are hard to ignore. A centralised treasury centre can reduce processing times, simplify cash flows, reduce headcount and avoid unnecessary duplication, yet setting one up poses numerous challenges.

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    Conquering talent challenges in Asia

    Across Asia, with its diverse cultures, market growth and priorities, the successful recruitment and retention of talented and appropriately experienced treasury professionals continues to be a priority and a challenge.

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    Tongue-tied: overcoming the language barrier

    Global technology and connectivity advancements have made the planet a much smaller place – yet, in many respects, regions remain worlds apart. As global power shifts eastward and M&A opportunities increase, employers need staff with cross-cultural competency to ensure future business growth.