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  • Green bean seedlings covered in water droplets sprouting from the soil

    SCF gaining new converts

    Corporates used to see the onboarding of suppliers as the most complex, cumbersome and time-consuming part of getting a supply chain finance solution up and running. But not so much anymore. In the first instalment of our two-part review of last week’s Receivables Finance International 2015 convention in Madrid, we look at the how growing onboarding proficiency and the rise of e-invoicing are driving the next wave of SCF growth.

  • Studio microphone for professional recording

    Best compassionate leave request ever?

    After exiting the band’s world tour, Zayn Malik confirmed that he was leaving One Direction for good last week – and the announcement has apparently proved too much for some workers. No, really.

  • Close up of lock on safe

    T2S is coming: what corporates should know

    As the Eurozone Target2 Securities platform gets set to go live in June, market participants have flagged a warning that repo trade settlement has not been sufficiently covered. What impact will this have on corporate treasurers?

  • Business men passing the baton

    Treasury: the next generation of talent

    The need for high-quality treasury talent is ever increasing. To help meet this requirement and support the growth of the treasury talent pool, the Association of Corporate Treasurers, Singapore (ACTS) and leading private education institution, SIM Global Education, have partnered to boost awareness of the treasury profession among students in the city-state.

  • Ikea sign on the side of shop building

    Don’t make yourself at home: Ikea stores veto fun and games

    The Swedish retail giant is known for having a good sense of humour and for encouraging customers to unleash their inner child. But 30,000 adults playing hide and seek in-store is taking things a step too far, even for Ikea.

  • Abacus ontop of Renminbi notes

    RMB superhighway soon to open for business

    It is expected that China’s new international payments system will launch later this year. What advantages will this brand new payments infrastructure bring for corporates dealing with China?

  • Wind turbines during sunset

    Be a part of society, not apart from it

    We can choose to carry on as we are and take a huge risk on the environmental outcome, or we can act now to work towards a sustainable economy. Individuals, governments, banks, businesses and yes, even treasurers, have a key role to play.

  • Globe in a box full of worldwide currencies

    FX forwards: the wrong option for EM currencies?

    The foreign exchange forward is the most widely used derivative instrument amongst corporate hedgers. Some experts are now questioning the efficacy of forwards when it comes to hedging emerging market currencies. But is it more a case of the instrument being deployed at the wrong time?

  • Three different sized lady birds

    The ‘broken’ market making model

    Liquidity in the secondary bond market is evaporating. Right now, this is a problem for fixed-income investors, not corporate issuers. But if the problem is not addressed will it come back to bite issuers further down the line?

  • House of cards

    High risk ‘investments’ land treasurer in jail

    A treasurer at a prestigious university, a £6m bingo addiction and £300,000 theft. Could this be the plot to the next Ocean’s 11 sequel?