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  • Science lab glass flasks

    Treasury benchmarking: an art and a science – part two

    Last week we looked at the theory behind corporate treasury benchmarking. This week we look at how the Brocade treasury team put theory into practice and developed a world-class benchmarking programme.

  • Stack of paper documentation

    A paper cut that won’t hurt

    With the promise of reducing the paperwork for bank account opening by three-quarters, RBS is making inroads into its pledge to make life easier for its clients.

  • Professional coffee machine

    EuroFinance: Disruptive innovation, outsourcing, and the battle of the coffee bars

    EuroFinance’s annual International Cash and Treasury Management conference is always a great opportunity to catch up with the latest industry news (and gossip). We look at some of the key discussion points from the event, which was held in Budapest last week.

  • Three glasses filled to different amounts

    China: finding its comfort zone

    The launch of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone last September was hailed as a seminal moment for the Chinese economy and its place alongside the rest of the world. A year on, has the anticipation been met in reality?

  • Mickey and Minnie mouse

    Pacific island makes Mickey Mouse money legal tender

    “Mickey Mouse money” has long been used as a name for fake or valueless cash. Now, on a small Pacific island, there are Mickey Mouse coins in circulation that are anything but.

  • Vintage science microscope

    Treasury benchmarking: an art and a science

    To attain best practice, a treasurer first needs to understand the department’s current processes and performance and how these relate to the wider treasury universe. Benchmarking is a key tool which allows treasurers to do this – and is an important first step towards achieving treasury best practice.

  • Tesco shop sign

    Challenges in financial planning: lessons from Tesco

    Following the news that UK supermarket group Tesco overstated its earnings by £250m, some are asking whether the retailer could have improved its financial planning processes. We look at the biggest challenges facing corporates in planning for the future and explore how they can do better.

  • Unpacking the PBoC’s Monetary Policy Toolbox

    China’s emergence as a global business hub is reflected in the rapid expansion and deepening of its bond markets over the past decade. Growing ranks of investors are drawn to China’s securities markets to put their surplus liquidity to work, as an alternative to local bank deposits. Yet even as China’s debt markets join the global investment mainstream, relatively little is understood about the institution with the biggest impact on their market interest rates. Insights into the role and activities of the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) are critical to successfully navigating China’s markets, and maximizing the opportunities in this relatively new investment landscape.

  • Dog carrying leash in mouth

    ‘Gangster’ dog finds new job fighting crime

    Who says an old dog can’t learn new tricks? Once the protector of a senior member of a Colombian cartel, a dog named Pecas will soon be putting his talents to less felonious ends.

  • Vineyards of Mendoza, Argentina

    Latin America: a positive future

    Despite the negative headlines emanating from Argentina in recent months, the outlook for corporates in Latin America as a whole remains upbeat. And with a number of trade agreements in place, foreign investment in the region looks set to continue.