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  • Maximising your potential

    This month’s question

    “What can a treasurer do to maximise his or her chances of one day becoming CFO? Are there any particular qualifications or experiences that might be beneficial?”

  • Europe’s forgotten fairy tale

    If we are to believe the stock markets, all is well in Europe. But are markets in danger of underestimating looming perils such as populism, a Brexit, German dominance and weakening European power? ECR investigates.

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    The innovation imperative

    The payments world is vast and expanding rapidly. While much of the visible progress can only be found in the retail space, banks and other providers are now working increasingly hard on developing creative solutions to bring similar innovations into the corporate banking space. Can treasurers catch up with consumers on the innovation curve?

  • Anne Heidemann and Kim Japp, DONG Energy

    Problem Solved: 
    Anne Heidemann and Kim Japp, DONG Energy

    DONG Energy, having been created from a merger of six companies in 2006, each with its own procedures, systems and bank relationships, faced the problem of bringing its finance processes into alignment. Treasury Today explores how Nordea’s Global Cash Pool and eGateway solutions helped to optimise DONG Energy’s performance.

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    Trading places

    The last two decades have seen a seismic shift in global trade corridors. Where once trade was conducted primarily between developed western nations; today, emerging markets, and more specifically Asia, are now at the heart of those flows. So with trading relationships extending further afield and encompassing a broader range of companies than ever before, what has the impact been on international treasurers?

  • Farouk Ramzan, Head of Commercial Banking, Europe, Lloyds Bank

    Lloyds Bank strengthens European commitment

    To prosper globally, corporates must inevitably look beyond their traditional markets. With perceived instability in Europe however, treasurers want certainty. That means banking partners they can rely on to support their expansion. In this article, Lloyds Bank outlines how its strategic European focus aims to help corporates find growth across the UK and Europe, with an emphasis on commitment, strategic advice and tailored solutions.

  • James Koh, Group Treasurer, Vertu

    Corporate View: 
    James Koh, Vertu

    Having built a number of treasuries from scratch, including his current team at Vertu, James Koh has accumulated a wealth of knowledge, experience and friendships on his journey so far. He tells Treasury Today how his early mentors shaped his view of the world for the better.

  • Bea Rodriguez, BlackRock

    Industry View: 
    Bea Rodriguez, BlackRock

    With negative rates, increasingly scarce liquidity in the money markets and regulatory upheaval in both Europe and the US, these are very challenging times for the corporate investor. In this article, Bea Rodriguez, Managing Director, Co-Head of International Cash Management and Chief Investment Officer for the Sterling and Euro Cash team at BlackRock describes how the liquidity management environment for corporates is changing, and outlines some of the alternative investment opportunities now being explored as a consequence.

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    Mapping the new liquidity landscape

    Across the globe, the cash and liquidity landscape is changing. Once the dust settles from the extensive regulatory and market changes currently being witnessed, what will the new short-term investment world look like for the corporate treasurer?

  • Erik Zingmark, Deputy Head of Transaction Products, Nordea

    Bank Interview: 
    Erik Zingmark, Nordea

    He might not have a crystal ball, but Erik Zingmark, Deputy Head of Transaction Products, Nordea is extremely well placed to discuss both current and future trends impacting the treasury profession. In this interview, Zingmark outlines the new strategic imperatives for treasurers, reveals key insights from Nordea’s Treasury 2017 report and addresses the opportunities treasuries have in becoming strategic drivers in digitisation.