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  • Goldfish being operated on

    Goldfish brain op goes ‘swimmingly’

    How far would you go to save your pet goldfish? One Australian family apparently loved their fish so much that they paid for him to have a life-saving brain operation.

  • Owl about to take off

    European private placements: get ready for lift off

    If the European Central Bank (ECB) wants to help the flow of credit to mid-market companies, it need look no further than the US private placement (PP) market for inspiration. Over on the other side of the Atlantic, companies have long benefited from a PP market that is both large and liquid. Can a similar market emerge in Europe? That was one of the questions put to a panel of investors at the Loan Market Association’s (LMA) recent Syndicated Loans Conference in London.

  • Barclays biometric reader

    Corporates must sign in blood

    A new form of signing in, based on finger vein authentication technology, is set to be offered to Barclays’ corporate banking clients in the UK from next year. The bank’s Head of Cash Management explains all.

  • Apple mac computer and mouse

    Apple’s digital wallet to transform mobile payments?

    The Apple Pay digital wallet looks set to bring mobile payments to millions of users through their iPhones and Apple Watches. We look at what makes the solution stand out and the challenges it needs to overcome to achieve widespread acceptance.

  • David Blair, Acarate

    Payment factory: beyond plumbing

    Payment factories tend to be seen as data pipes between centralised ERPs and banks. This remains a very valid model. Some groups cannot or choose not to centralise in this way. Adaptation of the payment factory model allows them to enjoy the many benefits payment factory technology offers, says our treasury insider.

  • Treasury outsourcing

    To outsource or not to outsource is a question which many corporates will have faced over the years. For a number of reasons, the answer for the majority has been ‘not’. However in recent times treasury outsourcing has made something of a return and is offering an option to corporates looking to reduce costs and increase efficiency. In this article, Treasury Today Asia looks at what treasury outsourcing actually is, its uses, and the debate surrounding the practice.

  • Pascal Morosini, Clearstream

    A closer look at tri-party repos

    In an environment where banks continue to feel the impact of regulation, collateralised products open up a new world of opportunities for investors. Tri-party repos, for example, can offer investors both sustained revenues and lower risk – a genuine breath of fresh air for corporate treasurers in today’s low-yield environment.

  • Basket ball heading for hoop

    What’s the SCORE?

    SWIFT has been handling financial messages since 1977 but it took another 24 years before it was in a position to announce the availability of corporate access to its network. The bulk of its 1,300 corporate members signed up since 2001 still originate in Europe and the US, so what is happening in the Asian markets?

  • Roller coaster car climbing lift hill

    A new ‘superhighway’ for RMB payments

    Payments and settlement systems in China are changing. With the imminent arrival of the Chinese International Payment System (CIPS) and the second generation of the Chinese National Advanced Payment System (CNAPS), experts believe that the infrastructure necessary for the renminbi to become a fully-fledged global currency will finally be in place. What advantages will this brand-new payments landscape bring for corporates on the ground?

  • Rethinking connectivity

    Tackling the key themes of integration, security, and mobility, this workshop, held at BNP Paribas’ 7th Cash Management University in Paris, analysed the latest trends – and challenges – around corporate connectivity. Where should treasurers be focusing their attention and budget? Which technologies are game changers and which are simply gimmicks?