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  • Blockchain technology

    This month’s question

    “With recent announcements that several big banks are considering using blockchain technology, how does it work and how could it affect the financial industry?”

  • Central banks will successfully chase higher inflation

    There is a state of imbalance in the current climate, and it cannot continue. At some point, keeping the economy afloat by allowing debts to soar (even) higher, meaning that negative interest rates are required to ensure borrowing continues, will not be possible. Here, we take a close look at the sheer complexity and, at times, idiocy of the present situation and why inflation is the preferred solution.

  • Team of rowers sailing on river

    There are many ‘I’s in team

    Team-playing is not for everyone but then if the nature of human expectation and motivation is really considered in depth, very few have the required skills to make it work en masse. For the rest of us, how can teamwork be improved, what happens when it goes wrong and how can we improve matters?

  • Person crossing old bridge

    Life after Brexit

    With the UK referendum on EU membership fast approaching, we take a look at some of the challenges corporate treasurers might be grappling with should there be a vote to leave. Has your treasury team considered what life might be like after Brexit?

  • Woman jumping barefoot over a puddle

    VNAV: time to get acquainted

    The regulation of money market funds (MMFs) is already changing in the US, and Europe is not too far behind. But some corporate investors are not waiting until the new rules arrive before testing out new short-term investment products.

  • Guillermo Gualino, Vice President and Treasurer, Agilent

    Corporate View: 
    Guillermo Gualino, Agilent

    Guillermo Gualino, Vice President and Treasurer has never been one to shy away from a challenge. This, in fact, has been the hallmark of his career to date. Here, Gualino shares how this desire to take on the tough tasks combined with a philosophy rooted in the art of consulting has brought success and fostered a rather unique approach to treasury management.

  • Peter Cunningham and Emanuela Saccarola, Citi

    Embracing the unpredictable: a practical approach to managing treasury in volatile markets

    Tackling the volatile marketplaces that make up the world’s emerging economies can be a challenge for corporates looking to expand. For treasurers, a pragmatic approach will keep the ship steady but how does this translate into action?

  • Victoria falls waterfall in a beautiful setting

    Sub-Saharan Africa: diamond in the rough

    In regions where the potential is great, corresponding familiarity is typically necessary – ideally on the ground. Nowhere is this more the case than in Sub-Saharan Africa where, without sufficient data, the myths of doing business have historically prevailed, hampering corporates’ ability (and willingness) to adapt to local market realities. We take a closer look at how the tides are turning in favour of those who want to engage in the region’s long-term growth game.

  • Clock in the centre of someones eyes

    How safe is your financial data?

    Cybercrime has existed in numerous guises since the emergence of technology in the workplace and it is an ever evolving space. As a result of this evolution the threats to businesses are multiplying and becoming increasingly complex, seeing cyber-security creep to the top of business leaders’ minds. In this article, Treasury Today explores the changing threats and what treasurers can do to help fend off cyber-criminals.

  • Scubba diver plunging into the deep sea

    Plunging into the cash pool

    Multicurrency liquidity management in a volatile economic environment is a challenge but tools are available to help mitigate risk, lower costs and maximise efficiency. Treasury Today goes back to basics with the notions of pooling and sweeping.