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  • RBS sign on the side of building

    BNP Paribas takes on RBS customers

    RBS and BNP Paribas announced a referral arrangement that will help cash management and trade finance customers affected by the RBS decision, earlier this year, to scale back its corporate and institutional banking network across the world. Speaking to Treasury Today, the banks explain how they will be working together to ensure a seamless transition for RBS customers wishing to migrate to BNP Paribas.

  • Person marking numbers on a chalk board

    Basel III: counting the cost

    Basel III has already pushed up the cost of banking services for a number of corporates. The question is, do treasurers feel that the changes have ultimately been for the greater good?

  • Plate with knife and fork

    Good manners cost nothing – or do they?

    According to new research, there is such a thing as ‘too polite’. The British inclination for good manners and excessive politeness could be costing the country’s businesses millions – all in order to avoid causing offence.

  • Walt Disney’s Christine McCarthy, CFO – Treasury Today’s Woman of the Year 2015

    Walt Disney’s Christine McCarthy – Treasury Today’s Woman of the Year 2015 – named CFO

    Treasury Today are delighted to report that Christine McCarthy, recently celebrated as our 2015 Woman of the Year at our Adam Smith Awards, has been named Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of The Walt Disney Company, effective immediately.

  • Hands surrounding small plant

    Unethical businesses shunned by talent

    Employees in Asia Pacific (APAC) are frequently put off from working for companies which are perceived to be acting unethically, according to the 2015 EY APAC Fraud and Corruption survey. With the war for talent already fierce in the region, what can businesses do to improve their ethics and how can the treasury help with this?

  • Magnifying glass resting on an open book

    The financial detectives

    The role of the forensic accountant is rather like that of the detective: piecing together small threads of detail from disparate sources to build up as full a picture of an event as possible. Treasury Today talks to an experienced practitioner.

  • Pile of Indonesian currency

    Are you ready for the rupiah?

    With the Indonesian regulators recently passing a new law that prohibits the use of the US dollar for quotations and onshore transactions, corporates are rushing to comply before the 1st July deadline.

  • Pile of black lego with a single yellow piece

    The building block of the future – part two

    As we saw last week, blockchain technology has the potential to dramatically disrupt and improve financial workflows and drive a number of benefits – yet in many cases, these are just ideas or concepts. However, there are some pioneering companies that have moved beyond the concept stage and built working solutions using blockchain technology.

  • Bookcase full of colourful books

    Big data the old way: Wikipedia hits the bookshelves

    Wikipedia, the online reference site, is written collaboratively by the people who use it. In fact, users are encouraged to contribute to and edit almost every page – and one person has decided that the best change he could make would be to turn the site’s 11.5 million entries into old-fashioned printed encyclopaedia volumes.

  • Origami birds hanging on a wall

    Specialist financiers in Asia spread their wings

    New players are growing rapidly in Asia, helping to fill the region’s burgeoning trade finance gap. And, as Treasury Today discovers, they are not banks.