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  • Green man on traffic lights

    Dynamic discounting: winning over corporates

    Dynamic discounting is a concept that has the ability to revolutionise how companies finance their supply chain. But what is dynamic discounting and what is driving the solution forward?

  • Business suit and equiment

    Introducing the business suit onesie

    In today’s workplace, casual dress is becoming increasingly acceptable. But if your company is yet to adopt a relaxed dress code for one or more days of the month, the business suit onesie could be just the solution.

  • Three darts stuck in bulls eye

    Transforming the POS experience

    Imagine a time-saving payment technology with 3G/Wifi capabilities that merchants can customise – and even build their own apps for. From making life easier for consumers to helping treasury gain better visibility over cash flow, Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s ‘Albert’ EFTPOS is delivering new levels of service and efficiency.

  • Shelf full of law books

    M&A and the law

    As the number and value of M&A deals in and out of Asia rises, so the number of failed deals rises too. A strong legal team is essential to help ensure the success of a sale or purchase. We talk to Norton Rose Fulbright, an international law firm with a strong regional presence.

  • David Blair, Acarate

    Bank regulation and the next crisis

    According to our treasury insider, there is a structural asymmetry in bank regulation – bankers have bigger budgets than regulators, and they use that advantage to ‘game the system’. Moreover, the complexity of the current round of post-crisis regulation is allowing banks to extract ever higher rents. Does all this mean the next banking crisis will come sooner rather than later?

  • Little boy with guitar and dog walking along the railroad

    Accounting in Asia: latest developments

    Inevitably, for a region whose nations are at such different stages of economic development, application of international accounting and reporting standards varies widely across Asia. We examine the major changes taking place, from convergence with IFRS to the rising popularity of integrated reporting.

  • Tim Waggett, Citi

    Oil price drop: how treasurers might navigate current volatility

    Falling oil prices in the past ten months might be good news to companies that stand to gain from lower production costs. However, the sharp decline has unnerved boards and treasurers following years when prices were much higher. With oil prices likely to remain subdued for some time, there is a compelling case for prudent treasury strategies and robust working capital management to help treasurers navigate the current volatility.

  • Man with gloves measuring wall with yellow tape measure

    Unit of MAS

    The central bank in the Republic of Singapore, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is charged, amongst other things, with conducting monetary policy, issuing and managing currency and supervising the financial sector in the country. Treasury Today Asia continues its ‘Know the Institution’ series with a look behind the scenes.

  • Sandip Patil

    In the zone

    When the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) approved the establishment of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone (SFTZ) in Q3 2013, this piqued the interest of the global audience and in 2015 there have been a number of pilot initiatives launched within the zone. But how does SFTZ compare to the nationwide programmes, and does it make a difference to treasury practice? Citi’s Regional Head of Global Liquidity Management Services, Asia Pacific, Sandip Patil, has the answers.

  • Denis Ecknauer

    Corporate View: 
    Denis Ecknauer, ABB

    The job of the treasurer is very different from what it used to be. The scope of responsibilities has grown considerably in the past decade and many treasurers are finding the C-suite more receptive to their ideas and priorities than ever before. But to meet the growing requirements the job now places on them treasurers can no longer afford to work in isolation. In this article, Denis Ecknauer, APAC Regional Treasurer for ABB tells Treasury Today Asia why, early on in his career, he resolved to acquire a deeper understanding of the business and how this made him a better treasurer.