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  • Coins stacked ontop of graph

    Shanghai Stock Exchange runs out of digits

    On Monday, China’s stock trading was so abundant that the Shanghai Stock Exchange’s software was unable to properly display the turnover data – apparently there were too many zeros to factor in.

  • Floating market in Asia

    Malaysia’s GST: how does it impact you?

    At the beginning of this month, Malaysia’s new Goods and Services Tax (GST) went live, replacing the legacy sales and services tax. Although the new tax has been met with plenty of confusion and controversy, the government stresses that the move will ultimately benefit the economy, businesses and citizens. But what has its initial impact truly been?

  • Magnifying lens on the laptop keyboard

    Reval unveils packaged treasury

    Having studied market needs, Treasury and Risk Management system vendor Reval unveils its new cloud-based packaged approach. From basic to complex, it believes it has all options covered. What’s the deal?

  • Law gavel and hour glass

    Trade finance: settling disputes peacefully

    Although rare, disputes in trade finance are sometimes unavoidable. But when a disagreement between your company and a counterparty arises over a certain transaction, litigation or arbitration may not be the most desirable recourse. Fortunately, with the ICC’s new, improved DOCDEX there is a third way.

  • Closeup of a yellow and black snail

    Spreadsheet setbacks: you’re not alone

    Try as they might, treasurers may never be able to totally dispense with the slow, manual and error prone application that is the spreadsheet. But rather than simply blaming software applications for data errors, should we be giving more serious thought to how we can improve the way we use them?

  • Paper business men shaking hands

    How to issue the perfect RFP

    A request for proposal (RFP) is at the heart of any tendering process for the treasury department. And while many treasurers may be familiar with the RFP process, fundamental mistakes can still be made. In this article, experienced international treasurer, Trevor Horan, explains his process behind creating a best-in-class RFP.

  • Cup of coffee a map made out of the foam

    Let the buyer beware: treasury meets procurement

    Corporate failure to effectively manage commodity price swings is not an option – but is it a task for treasury or procurement? In an ideal world it is a shared responsibility says one risk expert.

  • Dog dressed up as bride and groom

    Hot under the collar: 42 dogs tie the knot in Beijing

    In a story that might sound a little bit ‘far-fetched’ to some, earlier this week it was reported that the owners of 21 dog ‘couples’ have taken part in Beijing’s first ever collective pet wedding.

  • Empty desk and chair

    Absent employee fired – 24 years later

    Indian bureaucracy may well be known for its sluggish procedures but having taken a painstaking 24 years to fire one employee, the government have taken protracted enquiries to a whole new level.

  • Train track split into two different routes

    An alternative take on ‘alternative’ finance

    Are alternative finance providers really ‘lenders of last resort’? Or do they have something more to offer, even to businesses with strong bank relationships? In this article, industry experts explain why the business case for alternative finance is growing and what this means for the receivables finance industry.