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  • Piano and lyrics book

    Jokermen: scientists caught sneaking Bob Dylan lyrics into articles

    How many Bob Dylan references can a group of Swedish scientists hide in their articles before anyone notices? The answer is no longer in the wind.

  • Gavel and hour glass

    Watchdog proposes OTC derivative standards

    Global market watchdog IOSCO has proposed a number of new standards to mitigate risk in OTC derivatives markets. This comes as the FSB recommends a centralised aggregation mechanism for derivative trade repository data.

  • 8 ball on snooker table

    The power of 8

    Citi has been working with Microsoft to create a new Windows app that the bank says will provide corporate treasurers around the world with a “compelling experience”. Experts from both teams explain how it works.

  • Snowy house in Russian countryside

    Corporates prepare for harsh Russian winter

    When the West first imposed economic sanctions on Russia in the immediate aftermath of the Crimea crisis, there was heated debate in political circles as to whether the actions taken were strong enough. This time around, nobody should be in any doubt.

  • Couple on beach in deck chairs

    Virgin tells staff: take as long a holiday as you like

    Do you ever return from holiday wishing you could have stayed that little bit longer? With Richard Branson now encouraging staff to take leave whenever and for as long as they like, perhaps you should be considering a job at Virgin.

  • Horizon of clouds

    Demystifying the cloud

    Cloud technology has received a fair amount of negative press in recent weeks, sparking further debate about the technology. However, conversation about the cloud is often convoluted and confusing. Treasury Today explains why corporates might look to use the cloud, what choices they have, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

  • Kuala Lumpur skyline at night

    Automating Islamic finance

    In the space of a decade, Islamic finance has gone from being a niche practice to be more than a $2 trillion industry. But while the mainstream financial services landscape is becoming ever more digitalised, sharia-compliant financial products continue to require archaic manual, paper-based processes. Can a new rulebook recently announced by SWIFT change all that?

  • Man cliff diving into the ocean

    EMEA cash reserves approach €1 trillion

    As the cash reserves held by corporates in EMEA hit a record high of nearly €1 trillion, many companies are now looking to invest some of this cash to fund their growth over the next year and beyond.

  • Goldfish being operated on

    Goldfish brain op goes ‘swimmingly’

    How far would you go to save your pet goldfish? One Australian family apparently loved their fish so much that they paid for him to have a life-saving brain operation.

  • Owl about to take off

    European private placements: get ready for lift off

    If the European Central Bank (ECB) wants to help the flow of credit to mid-market companies, it need look no further than the US private placement (PP) market for inspiration. Over on the other side of the Atlantic, companies have long benefited from a PP market that is both large and liquid. Can a similar market emerge in Europe? That was one of the questions put to a panel of investors at the Loan Market Association’s (LMA) recent Syndicated Loans Conference in London.