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  • Private jet plane flying away from city

    World’s longest birthday: plane stupid

    A typical birthday consists of celebration, perhaps some cake, and – if you’re lucky – some presents. But one individual was determined to prolong his birthday to a total of 46 hours, even if it was at the cost of celebrating with his friends.

  • Beautiful landscape in Japan

    The Japanese payments enigma

    Japan has one of the world’s most advanced payments infrastructures, with digital solutions readily available. Yet cash remains the dominant method of payment in the country. Why is this the case and what is the consequence of this payments paradox for both corporates and the economy as a whole?

  • Straight road heading towards sunset

    Working capital: have you been taking the easy road?

    As the European economy starts to return to growth, the 17th edition of REL’s Working Capital Survey analyses practices of the 1,000 largest publicly trading companies by revenue in Europe. The results show that corporates continue to be divided between making the most of cheap debt and optimising their internal cash generation. Treasury Today talks to Derrick Steiner, Senior Manager, REL Consultancy, on what should be learnt from the study.

  • Two parrots talking to each other

    Pardon? Parrot’s mimic gets him in trouble

    Parrots are renowned for being able to learn and repeat human speech – but, once words have been learnt, the birds can pick and choose when to reproduce language. For one unfortunate parrot, these outbursts have landed him in trouble.

  • Famous chain bridge in Budapest, Hungary

    Invest ahead of the game in Hungary

    Despite downbeat growth predictions from some industry bodies, amidst hopes for the rising trend in mergers and acquisitions to continue and agreements made for less political influence over the banking sector, sentiment is improving in Hungary. Treasury Today talks to Dr Katya Kocourek, Senior Associate and Lead Analyst for Central and Eastern Europe at Stroz Friedberg, about why now is a prime time for investors to take an interest in the country.

  • Dollar and Renminbi comparison

    Handling China’s RMB regime shift

    Last week we witnessed a seismic shift in the value of renminbi against the dollar. Where next for the redback? And what will this mean for corporates in China?

  • Karin Flinspach, Head, Cash Products, Transaction Banking, Standard Chartered Bank

    60 Second Interview: Karin Flinspach, Head, Cash Products, Transaction Banking, Standard Chartered Bank

    In this concise interview, Karin Flinspach, Head, Cash Products, Transaction Banking, Standard Chartered Bank shares her expertise on the various challenges corporates operating in emerging markets are facing and outlines the benefits in partnering with a bank with a global platform and deep local knowledge.

  • Two knights sword fighting in combat

    Lawyer demands ‘trial by combat’

    A New York lawyer is attempting to revive the ancient common law tradition of ‘trial by combat’ to settle a civil suit in which he has been accused of helping a client fraudulently transfer assets. Coincidence or otherwise, the lawyer also happens to be a big fan of the hit TV-series Game of Thrones.

  • Hand drawn paper globe sitting on iPad

    Welcome to the future of treasury

    In the past few decades, the role of the treasury department has transformed exponentially from a fairly unknown function to that of a vitally important strategic business partner. To support this, the environment that treasury works in has also transformed, thanks in large part to the advent of the digital age.

  • People riding rollercoaster

    Metal mayhem: investors rock commodities markets

    There is more to the volatility of commodities markets than simple supply and demand. Treasurers need to be taking a wider view of risk management to stay on top, says one trading expert.