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  • Group of Adam Smith Awards crystal awards

    A true celebration of community

    Over 200 entries from 35 countries made up this year’s Treasury Today Adam Smith Awards. With the judging over and the winners notified, it’s down to the prestigious Gala Presentation Lunch, held in the City of London’s Plaisterers’ Hall, to gather the treasury world’s finest and celebrate their success.

  • Fearless girl – sculpture by Kristen Visbal, commissioned

    Women in Treasury: From insight to action

    State Street Global Advisors and Treasury Today Group’s Women in Treasury Roundtables touch down in London.

  • Vasu Reddy, Treasury Leader, Sub Saharan Africa, GE Capital

    Corporate View: 
    Vasu Reddy, GE Africa

    A healthy body and healthy mind. This is what keeps Vasu Reddy, Treasury Leader, Sub Saharan Africa, for GE Capital, in touch with his expansive 25-country territory. And with his fair share of challenging conditions to tackle, he needs to be ready with the right solutions.

  • Understanding the road ahead: short-term investing in an era of unprecedented change

    After nearly a decade of debate, the new rules governing European Money Market Funds will come into effect on 29th January 2019. This follows the implementation of new regulation in the United States in late 2016. The new rules bring about a host of challenges and opportunities for investors and asset managers alike. To find out what these are, and offer you, the corporate treasurer, some practical advice on what to do next, the Treasury Today Group brought together senior representatives from the world’s leading asset managers to discuss the impact of regulatory reform and a number of other factors on corporate short-term investment strategies.

  • Sven Lindemann, CEO of Serrala

    Industry View: 
    Sven Lindemann, Serrala

    The payments landscape has become increasingly complex. Driven by the demand for corporate value-added services, rising customer expectations, and a dynamic global regulatory landscape coupled with structural changes in the financial industry, treasurers are facing challenging times. Clarity of information is essential. But can a true-view of cash-in and cash-out be achieved? Is a ‘Treasury as One’ integrated process possible? Sven Lindemann, CEO of Serrala (the new name for Hanse Orga Group) explores the notion of a new payments universe.

  • Financial data on monitor, multiple data overlapped

    Preparing for IFRS 16

    IFRS 16 is coming – and with the new accounting standards expected to bring trillions of dollars of assets onto balance sheets around the world, treasurers need to be prepared. What steps should treasurers be taking, and which challenges should they be aware of?

  • Business people in a technology meeting with data overlay

    That’s not what I meant! Communication errors and how to avoid them

    The way in which we communicate with others speaks volumes about our professionalism and our ability to work with others. For many treasurers, the extension of the role into the wider business – and the inclusion as a strategic partner – means sharper communication skills are essential.

  • Payment fraud prevention

    This issue’s question

    “The latest AFP Fraud Payment Survey found that 80% of companies had at least one instance of payment fraud occur in 2017. What can treasury do to stop this?”

  • Financial markets gripped by political rather than economic developments

    What does rising populism mean for the future of Italy, the European Economic Union and global markets?

  • Video camera operator working with their equipment

    VAM drivers: how treasury technology is shaping Viacom’s future (part one)

    Viacom is a US$13bn global media conglomerate with a focus on cinema and cable television. Gianluca Gubbini, one of the firm’s Treasury Directors, tells Treasury Today how the company is making the most of some major technological changes. In part one, we learn about challenges and solutions.