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  • Chinese man fishing with cormorants birds

    Tackling overdue corporate payments in China

    While rising labour costs and the depreciating currency tend to be the issues which the mainstream financial media focus on, there are more salient concerns for corporates operating in China at the moment, not least where corporate payments are concerned. In this insight, Treasury Today speaks to Rocky Tung, Asia Pacific economist for Coface about the worrying levels of overdue payments in China.

  • Car engine and spanner

    SEPA: what would you change?

    Despite the opportunities it was supposed to present, for some corporates SEPA has been nothing but a headache. In this Insight, we ask one senior treasury professional what, in an ideal world, he would like to have seen done differently.

  • Girl with a butterfly resting on her finger

    Time to be your own bank?

    Disintermediation. It’s an ugly word – and a trend that most bankers would rather not acknowledge. But with lending down and regulation tying financial institutions’ hands, we are witnessing a structural shift away from financing by European banks. What does this mean for treasurers and what are banks doing to stay in the game?

  • Man pointing a gun at a piggy bank

    Bank teller’s ID request foils robbery

    Planning a bank heist in New Jersey? Don’t forget to bring photo identification along with you.

  • Rock climbers equipment

    How to manage country risk effectively

    Country risk is an all-encompassing term used to describe the risk that companies face when investing/operating in a country. Focusing on areas from political instability to natural disasters, the scope of the topic can be somewhat overwhelming. Treasury Today speaks to an expert in this field to offer treasurers advice on how to manage this threat.

  • Pengiuns facing in opposite directions

    I say VNAV, you say CNAV

    The debate around VNAV and CNAV money market funds rages on and on. In the US and the UK most are CNAV, but one firm made the switch to VNAV long before the regulators got involved. Did it know something the others don’t?

  • Cyber security

    This month’s question

    “With more and more technology creeping into our treasury department, I’d like to know how to tackle cyber security. What are the main threats and what practical steps can treasurers take to help mitigate cyber risk?”

  • Bright spots or black hole?

    As its members become ever more polarised as to what the solution to stagnant growth in certain member countries might be, Europe is facing an uphill battle to achieve some semblance of unity. With a growing debt burden and limited options available to address it, tensions are rising, says ECR Research.

  • Hippo peeping out of water

    Africa: the final frontier

    Although greater intra-African trade may not be a silver bullet for the challenges the continent faces, it does have enormous potential to boost growth and create more sustainable employment. In this article, we examine why trade flows between African nations are currently low, and ask what is being done to reverse the situation.

  • Rolf Lehmann, Vetropack

    Problem Solved: 
    Rolf Lehmann, Vetropack

    Swiss packaging glass manufacturer Vetropack realised it had a problem when missing and inaccurate reference data started leading to delays in payments to its suppliers. Its implementation of SWIFTRef turned out to be a simple and highly effective solution.