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    Key trends in bank regulation

    With the implementation of Basel III, Dodd-Frank and EMIR now firmly underway, banks and their regulation-weary corporate customers will be hoping that the structural upheaval that began in the wake of the last financial crisis is drawing closer to a conclusion. As the dust begins to settle, we ask industry experts what the new regulatory landscape will mean for corporate treasurers.

  • SEPA: here we go again

    You’ve completed all your tests, switched off your legacy systems, and can finally say you’re SEPA-compliant. But what’s next? As the remaining stakeholders complete their migrations to SEPA, we ask corporates, banks and third-party vendors how they think a pan-European payments area will develop in the years ahead.

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    MMFs regulations: is it too late to influence the outcome?

    On 4th September, the European Commission (EC) released its long-awaited proposals for increasing money market fund (MMF) regulation. Just two weeks later, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) closed its consultation with industry players. On both sides of the Atlantic, it appears that the writing is on the wall for constant net asset value (CNAV) funds.

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    Taking different roads

    In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, global regulators agreed to adopt a co-ordinated response to protecting the financial system against future shocks. But policymakers on both sides of the Atlantic are now pursuing increasingly disparate approaches.

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    Taxing times in Asia

    Profit shifting and transfer pricing have been hot tax topics in Asia for many years. However, recent developments in tax policy in Australia, India and China in particular, have highlighted the challenges facing corporate treasurers in the region.

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    Crunch time

    2013 is being viewed as a crunch time for all number crunchers – from auditors to accountants and treasurers. Developments in the regulations governing the preparation of accounts will have far reaching consequences for all. Yet there are a number of outstanding questions that still need some answers before the dust settles.

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    An uncertain future for money market funds

    The road to money market fund (MMF) reform has been politically laborious. But the fund industry has suffered from a number of other challenges that leave providers struggling to find investible assets and maintain yields. What can market participants expect in 2013?

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    Basel III and Dodd-Frank: corporate clarity?

    While aware of the forthcoming banking regulations, treasurers haven’t always been able to place the measures very high on their priority list. But like it or not, the banks aren’t the only ones that need to prepare – this article attempts to outline the very real consequences for corporates.

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    Uniform global regulation: merely a pipe dream?

    When financial regulators agreed to force the world’s banks to hold better quality capital, and more of it, bankers and politicians alike marked the decision as a major positive turning point for the market (at least in public anyway). However, after 18 months of negotiation, the harmonisation ideal is yet to be realised as many countries are proposing contradictory and competing measures – not only where the implementation of Basel III is concerned.

  • Insurers find fault with Solvency II

    For the European insurance industry, Solvency II establishes a revised set of EU-wide capital requirements and risk management standards aiming to reduce or eliminate consumer loss or market disruption in insurance.