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Treasury Today in China Issue 5 2008

November 2008

Publication date: Nov 2008

Despite the introduction of new antitrust laws on 1st August this year (which have caused some anxiety among large multinationals looking to expand into China), the Chinese government seems set to continue its reform and opening-up policy by supporting foreign companies to develop their businesses in China. Meanwhile, one of the biggest challenges facing treasurers of multinational companies already operating in China is the repatriation of company cash.

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Treasury Today in China Issue 4 2008 magazine

August 2008

Publication date: Aug 2008

While long-term profitability is an important goal, the use of short-term surplus cash is also a key challenge for treasurers. Although companies will wish to maximise the yield generated by surplus cash, they must also take into account the need to keep sufficient funds accessible in order to meet short-term obligations. In this issue’s Cash Management article, we look at how treasurers can use short-term investments to manage surplus cash as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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Treasury Today in China Issue 3 2008

June 2008

Publication date: Jun 2008

Asia has been leading the way in the development of m-payments (mobile payments), giving consumers and potentially corporates a versatile and easier way to make payments from portable devices including PDAs and mobile phones. This issue, we take a detailed look at m-payments and the latest technological advances in this area.

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Treasury Today in China Issue 2 2008

April 2008

Publication date: Apr 2008

The China Banking Regulatory Committee (CBRC) recently announced that it will extend its Qualified Domestic Institutional Investors (QDII) scheme to allow Chinese commercial banks to invest their clients’ funds in Singaporean stocks and funds if certified by the Singapore monetary authority. The QDII scheme is part of the country’s drive to open up to global financial markets and it has continued to grow in China since its introduction in 2006. We discuss the QDII scheme in more detail and describe the history of its introduction in this issue’s Finance A-Z.

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Treasury Today in China Issue 1

January 2008

Publication date: Jan 2008

The start of the new year has once more been a watershed in China’s compliance with World Trade Organisation (WTO) principles. It has now been six years since China became a member of the WTO and one year since the country completed the opening up of its banking sector to foreign competition. This year the new Enterprise Income Tax (EIT) law is designed to bring China’s business environment more fully in line with WTO principles by creating a more level playing field for companies operating in China.

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Treasury Today in China Issue 4 2007

November 2007

Publication date: Nov 2007

Financial reforms are playing an important role in the transformation of China’s banking sector, developing a more competitive environment for domestic and foreign banks. The Shanghai branch of the China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC) announced that between January and June foreign banks achieved a pre-tax profit of RMB 1.484 billion, an increase of 21% since the beginning of the year. The increase was attributed to the banks’ renminbi retail business.

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Treasury Today in China Issue 3 2007

July 2007

Publication date: Jul 2007

At the end of April, four foreign banks – HSBC, Citigroup, Standard Chartered Bank and Bank of East Asia – were officially granted local status in China, enabling them to begin trading in RMB. The banks are the first foreign banks to be granted local status following the regulations announced in November 2006 in compliance with China’s WTO agreement.

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Treasury Today in China 2007 Issue 2

March 2007

Publication date: Mar 2007

Trade in China has been growing at a phenomenal rate. Following China’s entry to the WTO in 2001, China became the third largest trader of merchandise in 2004, a position it has since maintained. As the role of the corporate treasurer has evolved to encompass a wider range of activities, the scope for treasurers to become involved in the processes surrounding trade has correspondingly expanded. The processes involved in selling and procuring goods can often be inefficient and paper-intensive, resulting in cash being tied up rather than being used more effectively elsewhere in the business.

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January 2007

Publication date: Jan 2007

The 11th December 2006 was the fifth anniversary of China’s accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO). The anniversary marked the deadline for China to complete the programme of reforms set out by its agreement with the WTO. The most important of these reforms, as far as corporate treasurers are concerned, relate to the Chinese banking industry. The full implications of these measures are discussed in this quarter’s Treasury & Finance News section.

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Treasury Today in China 2006 Issue 4

November 2006

Publication date: Nov 2006

There have been significant changes in China’s foreign exchange arena in recent years. Even in the past 18 months, many of the regulations governing foreign exchange have been relaxed and new policies have been introduced. In July 2005, the decade long policy of pegging the renminbi to the US dollar came to an end and a new regime was introduced.

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