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Treasury Today Asia November 2013 cover

November 2013

Publication date: Nov 2013

India is the main focus of this edition of Treasury Today Asia. 2013 has not been kind to the tenth largest economy by nominal GDP and member of the exclusive BRIC circle. The Federal Reserve’s hint at unwinding quantitative easing (QE) early in the year caused the Indian rupee to fluctuate wildly; it hit an all-time low against the US dollar in August. This issue contains a special report on the causes and consequences of the rupee volatility, including an interview with the treasury team at Larsen & Toubro, a technology, engineering, construction and manufacturing company based in Mumbai.

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Treasury Today Asia September 2013 magazine cover

September 2013

Publication date: Sep 2013

Sibos is the annual banking conference organised by SWIFT, the bank owned provider of secure financial messaging services. Sibos has become the ‘must-attend’ conference for bankers, technology suppliers and consultants who are involved in all aspects of the transactional banking business. The conference is held in different parts of the world each year and there are 6,000+ attendees most years. What do they all do? Well, there are some serious debates at Sibos and informative conference sessions but it is also a big party as banking friends get together and the booze flows from the stands.

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Treasury Today Asia July 2013 magazine

July 2013

Publication date: Jul 2013

In this issue, we explore the global approach to supply chain finance (SCF). Different markets approach the issues surrounding settlement differently, with India and China noted as leading regions with the greatest SCF market potential. The rapid growth that many Asian companies are experiencing is driving a need to establish the financial infrastructure to support it.

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Treasury Today Asia May 2013 magazine cover

May 2013

Publication date: May 2013

Singapore is our Country Focus in this month’s edition. Singapore has experienced a meteoric rise following its independence from Malaysia in the mid-1960s. The following five decades can be characterised by a steady growth and influx of foreign talent and investment as Singapore has swelled to become one of the world’s most developed countries. As the government pushes for a curb in foreign workforce growth and an increase in productivity, we bring you the latest insight on Singapore’s future and what that means for treasurers in the region.

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Treasury Today Asia March 2013 cover

March 2013

Publication date: Mar 2013

We are excited to announce the launch of the Asia Pacific Regional Award for Best Practice within our Adam Smith Awards in June. Please have a look at the Awards and submit your nominations for this, along with any other categories you feel you quality for. We look forward to receiving your entries.

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Treasury Today Asia January 2013 magazine cover

January 2013

Publication date: Jan 2013

Treasury Today Asia is the new, bi-monthly magazine by the publishers of Treasury Today in response to the many requests we have received to broaden the coverage of Treasury Today in China to include the rest of Asia. The new magazine reflects the trends, challenges and opportunities for treasury/finance professionals in the Asia Pacific region.

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Treasury Today China Issue 5 magazine cover

November 2012

Publication date: Nov 2012

China’s economy was among the first in the world to rebound after the global financial crisis of 2008/9, formally overtaking Japan as the world’s second largest economy in February 2011. However, from early 2012, China’s growth began to slow as a negative consequence of the debt crisis in the Eurozone – one of their biggest markets for Chinese goods. But at the World Economic Forum’s summer meeting in Tianjin, premier Wen Jiabao remained optimistic, stating that China’s economy will soon stabilise, before continuing its “fast and stable” growth.

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Treasury Today China Issue 3 magazine cover

July 2012

Publication date: Jul 2012

The 20th Century is often called the ‘American Century’, a term that hints at the political, economic and cultural global dominance of the United States over the past hundred years. Will a similar term be used for China in the 21st Century?

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Treasury Today China Issue 2 magazine cover

April 2012

Publication date: Apr 2012

The news has been dominated by reports and stories about the internationalisation of the renminbi of late. Indeed, China’s progress as a global economy has become a fascination for the West – and some might even say it has become a concern. But for treasurers operating in China, the news is only good. Regulations are becoming more business friendly and the country is wholeheartedly embracing best practice.

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Treasury Today in China Issue 1 cover

March 2012

Publication date: Mar 2012

Over the coming 12 months, China faces the challenge of maintaining strong growth as the world economy verges on recession. Export orders are expected to decline as western nations deleverage their debt obligations. This poses a challenge to China’s export-orientated economy. In particular, the economic crisis in Europe has underlined the need for government authorities to wean the Asian tiger’s dependence away from export-orientated industries. Instead, China hopes to boost domestic demand by cultivating a more consumption-driven approach to economic growth.

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