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Treasury Today Asia November/December 2014 magazine cover

November/December 2014

Publication date: Nov 2014

Leveraging change

Throughout 2014, there have been a number of major economic, infrastructural and political developments in countries across the Asia-Pacific region. These changes have both challenged treasurers and created opportunities for innovation and efficiency.

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Treasury Today Asia September/October 2014

September/October 2014

Publication date: Sep 2014

Now that’s an option

In August the Chinese State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) relaxed the rules surrounding the use of options in the onshore market. The new rules allow domestic corporates to purchase renminbi-based swaps and options – increasing the range of risk management tools at their disposal.

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Treasury Today Asia July/August 2014 magazine cover

July/August 2014

Publication date: Jul 2014

Is it your time to shine?

Recognising the best in corporate treasury is a difficult undertaking, yet quality and integrity are vital to the success of the profession.

Over the last six years, Treasury Today’s Adam Smith Awards have gained global recognition as the ultimate industry benchmark for corporate best practice, celebrating exemplary practice and showcasing innovative industry solutions.

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Treasury Today Asia May/June 2014 magazine cover

May/June 2014

Publication date: May 2014

Nurturing human capital

The job of the treasurer is never just about numbers. It’s a multi-faceted role that, today more than ever, demands an increasing level of emotional intelligence. Not only must treasurers use their persuasive abilities to help secure budget for technology investment, but they are expected to interface with the C-suite on a regular basis and embrace the culture of the corporation in which they operate, whilst also selecting and retaining the best possible treasury team.

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Treasury Today Asia March/April 2014 magazine cover

March/April 2014

Publication date: Mar 2014

A date for your diary

Whilst the treasury profession remains largely male-dominated, there are remarkable women enjoying remarkable careers in the treasury sphere, not least in the Asia Pacific region. At Treasury Today, we believe that it is important to recognise female innovators in the corporate treasury profession, which is why we founded the Women in Treasury (WiT) initiative. It aims to bring female treasury practitioners together to share their experiences, challenges, successes and failures, as an inspiration for all operating in this field.

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Treasury Today Asia January and February 2014 cover

January/February 2014

Publication date: Jan 2014

What are we offering you in 2014?

Our job is to research, analyse and report on what is going on in corporate treasury and finance in Asia and elsewhere in the world. This issue reflects that and is a mix of basic, yet crucial, treasury and cash management content coupled with some specific pieces as well as news of our new initiatives in the region.

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Treasury Today Asia November 2013 cover

November 2013

Publication date: Nov 2013

India is the main focus of this edition of Treasury Today Asia. 2013 has not been kind to the tenth largest economy by nominal GDP and member of the exclusive BRIC circle. The Federal Reserve’s hint at unwinding quantitative easing (QE) early in the year caused the Indian rupee to fluctuate wildly; it hit an all-time low against the US dollar in August. This issue contains a special report on the causes and consequences of the rupee volatility, including an interview with the treasury team at Larsen & Toubro, a technology, engineering, construction and manufacturing company based in Mumbai.

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Treasury Today Asia September 2013 magazine cover

September 2013

Publication date: Sep 2013

Sibos is the annual banking conference organised by SWIFT, the bank owned provider of secure financial messaging services. Sibos has become the ‘must-attend’ conference for bankers, technology suppliers and consultants who are involved in all aspects of the transactional banking business. The conference is held in different parts of the world each year and there are 6,000+ attendees most years. What do they all do? Well, there are some serious debates at Sibos and informative conference sessions but it is also a big party as banking friends get together and the booze flows from the stands.

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Treasury Today Asia July 2013 magazine

July 2013

Publication date: Jul 2013

In this issue, we explore the global approach to supply chain finance (SCF). Different markets approach the issues surrounding settlement differently, with India and China noted as leading regions with the greatest SCF market potential. The rapid growth that many Asian companies are experiencing is driving a need to establish the financial infrastructure to support it.

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Treasury Today Asia May 2013 magazine cover

May 2013

Publication date: May 2013

Singapore is our Country Focus in this month’s edition. Singapore has experienced a meteoric rise following its independence from Malaysia in the mid-1960s. The following five decades can be characterised by a steady growth and influx of foreign talent and investment as Singapore has swelled to become one of the world’s most developed countries. As the government pushes for a curb in foreign workforce growth and an increase in productivity, we bring you the latest insight on Singapore’s future and what that means for treasurers in the region.

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