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March 2010


Issue Two 2010

Today, China remains one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The country’s banks have topped global market capitalisation tables and are still growing, both domestically and internationally, despite the headwinds of the crisis. China has also started allowing trials of short selling stocks, which is another step towards bringing China’s financial practices in line with those seen across the globe. Nevertheless, China still has to achieve better transparency and disclosure in terms of credit risk, market risk and operational risk. These are difficulties that also resonate in the treasury community.

A tool that can help treasurers to lessen these hurdles is technology. In this issue’s Treasury Practice, we examine the changing role of technology in treasury in China as corporates are increasingly looking to implement more sophisticated treasury technology solutions. These have become particularly important in the recent period of economic turmoil, as treasurers recognise the added value that technology can bring to the company over traditional spreadsheet solutions and proprietary banking systems.

Another tough challenge facing treasures this year will be compliance; not only with entirely new regulations but also with updates to existing rules. In this issue’s China Focus we take an in-depth look at China’s Accounting Standards, which were first implemented in 2007. The Ministry of Finance is due to conduct a review of the accounting standards this year, in order to bring them further in line with IFRS. The country is also aiming for all enterprises to use China’s new accounting standards by the end of 2010. In this article we examine the major differences between the two sets of accounting standards.

In this issue’s Question Answered we look at the concept of an escrow account. We explain the features of such an account and the best ways that an escrow account can be used. In the Bank Interview we discuss global treasury trends ranging from conducting greater due diligence to revamping investment policies.

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