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2016 Award categories

This year’s winners
Treasury Today Asia’s Top Treasury Team 2016

Open to any corporate team that has made an outstanding contribution to its organisation, this Award recognises those who have made the world of corporate treasury that much better. This could be purely the treasury team or a broader team effort involving different disciplines within a company.

Best Cash Management Solution

Any solution which demonstrates how the company manages its cash is eligible. It could be a simple single country/single bank solution or multi-country/multi-bank solution. It might simply improve your cash visibility; show how a hybrid account structure has been implemented; involve complex cash pooling structures or support a full Regional Treasury Centre or In-house Bank structure. All are valid in this category. Perhaps you manage the region from another part of the world. Tell us how you achieve this.

Best Liquidity Management/
Short-Term Investing Solution

This category is included to capture best in class liquidity solutions. The solution can be single country/single currency or multi-country/multi-currency. Short term investing is also included providing an opportunity to show how your company has optimised and/or diversified its short term investments. How have you addressed the trade-off between yield, liquidity and counterparty risk? Have you explored alternative investment vehicles? Tell us your story.

Best Working Capital Management, AP/AR Solution

Efficient working capital is a key challenge for companies of all shapes and sizes. What have you done to improve your key performance indicators of DPO, DSO, DIO and/or DWC. Have you improved your cash conversion cycle (CCC)? Tell us how this has been achieved. Perhaps you have taken the step from STP to STR, automating the reconciliations process? Tell us how.

First Class Relationship Management

This category incorporates any relationship managed by the treasury function, such as Investor Relations, Employee Relations, Ratings Agencies, Procurement etc., in addition to your core bank relationships. The recent economic turmoil has certainly focused the attention on relationships. Perhaps you have introduced a new RFP/bank selection process or had to innovate to maintain credit lines? Has the crisis made you look again at bank charges, bank account analysis, managing mandates, use of digital signatures or eBAM perhaps? Have you had to change how the treasury function interfaces with Procurement or have you taken a fresh look at Investor Relations. Tell us your story.

Best Trade Solution

Introduced in 2015, this category acknowledges the special relationship between buyer and seller. Any solution which addresses the supply chain, either financial or physical, qualifies here. Have you embraced the electronic documentation? Have you implemented a smart solution involving Letters of Credit, Guarantees or do you practice Open Account Trading. Have you opened a new trade corridor in an emerging market? Tell us your trade story.

Best Card Solution

No longer just a piece of plastic, corporate cards have become an integral part of the cash management set-up. Have you implemented a new card programme to achieve increased control and/or visibility? The winning solution could cover any aspect of corporate cards from improving the richness of procurement data to minimising the risk of fraud.

Best Financing Solution

Many corporates have explored alternative sources of funding in the wake of the financial crisis. With sources of credit still squeezed, corporate bonds have made a comeback in recent months. Has your company issued commercial paper or bonds? Perhaps you have looked at securitisation, IPOs or the Private Placement market? Whether a single transaction or as part of a company’s overall debt strategy, this category is open to all types of funding.

Best Foreign Exchange Solution

This category includes any solution implemented, or in the process of being implemented, which addresses foreign exchange. It could be a single transaction, suite of transactions or a complete change in FX strategy or policy, a hedging programme, use of specific instrument(s) or a new FX requirement as a result of entering a new market or dealing with a new client/supplier. Have you entered the emerging markets and, if so, how have you dealt with the recent currency volatilities encountered.

Best Risk Management Solution

A category close to every treasurer’s heart, the winning solution could relate to any aspect of risk which arises in the corporate treasury arena. Have you changed the way you control foreign exchange risk, counterparty risk, commodity risk, interest rate risk or your supply chain risk? Has recent currency volatility opened your eyes to new risk management concerns? Are you monitoring new risks such as sovereign risk, employee or perhaps cyber risk?

Best in Class Benchmarking

We have seen an increase in the use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) within the treasury function as well as the growing appetite to benchmark against the industry’s best performers and/or best practices. If you have introduced metrics/KPIs in any aspect of your treasury operations and/or you measure your performance against any industry benchmarks please tell us your story.

Harnessing the Power of Technology

Whilst we appreciate technology will inevitably be a key component in many of the submissions entered in other categories, we are reinstating this category in its own right. Have you re-engineered your processes? Cloud computing and Big Data are just two emerging trends; entries here could be a simple in-house developed spreadsheet solution to a full blown TMS/ERP project or perhaps technology is helping you to comply with the ever-increasing regulatory demands on your organisation. Tell us your technology story.

One to Watch

This category includes any solution which is in the pipeline, has been implemented as a direct result of macroeconomic events or is a project which demonstrates innovation which does not easily fit another category. Tell us why your submission should be one that we should be watching.

Best Solution in China

This category recognises the unique challenges of operating in the PRC. The solution can cover any aspect of corporate treasury. The only condition is the solution must be implemented, or in the process of being implemented. Whilst this category relates to a particular geography, this does not preclude the solution from being entered in one of the other categories if appropriate. Why not showcase your talent and achievement and submit a nomination?

Best SWIFT Solution

New for 2016, this category recognises any solution implemented, or in the process of being implemented, where SWIFT is the primary enabler. It could involve the use of any message type and/or SWIFT access method such as the MA-CUG, SCORE, Alliance Lite, Third Party bureau, Trade Services Utility (TSU) or 3SKey. Perhaps you have embraced the newer message types such as ACMT (Account Management), CAMT (Cash Management) and/or PAIN (Payments Initiation) – tell us your SWIFT story.

Treasury Today Asia
Woman of the Year

Open to any woman operating in the corporate treasury environment in Asia Pac who can demonstrate real achievement and is an inspiration to others. Do you know someone like this? Someone who is a role model to others? Or is this you? Have you overcome real adversity? Have you had a career changing experience? Can you demonstrate real innovation? What have you achieved professionally and personally? Why do you stand out? Nominate yourself or another woman who inspires you.

Please attach or submit any material supporting your nomination.

A Rising Star

Introduced in 2015 to recognise young talent coming through the treasury ranks. Are you a Treasurer today and not yet 30 years of age? Have you excelled in a professional qualification? Are you a junior within treasury and people are already seeing your potential? Are you a future Finance Director or CFO? Nominate yourself or someone you think fits this category.