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Treasury Today Apps

Intelligence at your fingertips: two apps available

The Treasury Today and Treasury Today Asia Apps are available for both iOS and Android devices.

These apps enable you to download your own complimentary copies of Treasury Today and Treasury Today Asia as well as the full text of our weekly Treasury Insights.

Premium subscribers can log-in to the apps to get back copies, handbooks and other premium content.

App features

  • Download the material you want to read offline.

  • The full text of Treasury Today Insights can be downloaded weekly – providing analysis of current issues in treasury.

  • New editions of Treasury Today and Treasury Today Asia are published on the app before the print magazine is released. It is an easy to navigate, easy to read interactive ecopy of our popular journals.

  • Lots of other additional content such as educational material and our handbooks. All available via the apps.

For more information about the apps please contact us.