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Paws before you purchase

Cat protecting money and credit cards

If you think it’s time to tighten the belt having spent a little too much over the Christmas period, enlisting the help of a focused feline may be the most effective method yet.

For Rachel Gray, a resident of Perth in Western Australia, trying to get hold of her credit card proved impossible when her cat, Wolfe, took it upon itself to act as her financial advisor.

The cash-conscious cat can be seen in a video sitting on the card, using determined tooth-and-claw tactics to repeatedly prevent its owner from grabbing it.

The financially astute feline, apparently given to attacking fingers and toes, stood its ground for about two minutes before trying to destroy the card by chewing it. “When I tried to take it away from him, he decided it was his,” said Gray.

However, the furry thug may not have anticipated its owner’s retail resolve. “Too bad Wolfe can’t stop me from using my PayPal account,” she commented. No, but where there’s a mouse, a cat will surely pounce.