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No (Solomon Islands) dollars… and no cents

Coin collectors box with gloves, magnifying glass and a cup of coffee

Think you deal with more currencies than anyone else? Think again.

Having spent 36 years on his quest to find examples all of the world’s coins and bank notes, Serbian national, Zoran Milosevic, is now one short of a full set.

Milosevic, a locksmith by trade, keeps his collection under protective glass in his home in the northern village of Pavlovci (population: 460).

In total, he has 194 different currencies, including some which are no longer in use. He rarely leaves home to find them, relying on friends who travel or who live abroad to oblige with their spare notes and coins. Occasionally he buys a currency through mail order.

However, one is proving illusive: the Solomon Islands dollar (SBD).

Finding the currency (1 SBD = 0.13 USD) from this isolated Pacific archipelago, about 15,000km from Serbia, will finally prove Milosevic’s point.

This, he says, is to demonstrate “how small the world is” by locking its currencies in a box measuring 1.5m by 1.5m. He adds that his collection “proves what can be done by human perseverance”.