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The view is out of this world

Beautiful view of Earth from outer space with stars and solar flare

Luxury hotel to open in space.

Holidaymakers may soon be able to experience zero-gravity thrills if plans to launch the first hotel in space are successful.

The ambitious Aurora Station project is the brainchild of Frank Bunger, CEO of developer Orion Span who hopes to launch the hotel into space in 2021.

When launched, the hotel will offer six guests, including two members of crew, the opportunity to spend 12 days out in space taking part in research experiments and taking in the breathtaking views of our planet.

The hotel will even have high-speed internet so people can keep connected with earth down below.

“We developed Aurora Station to provide a turnkey destination in space,” says Bunger. “Upon launch, Aurora Station goes into service immediately, bringing travellers into space quicker and at a lower price point than ever seen before, while still providing an unforgettable experience.”

Naturally, the holiday comes at a cost, with a 12-day stay costing US$9.5m. Guests will also have to undergo a three-month training course before jetting off.