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That’s bananas!

Banana's laid out in pattern on pink background

A shopper pays a surprisingly high price for one of her five a day.

Eating healthy comes at a cost. However, one shopper paid a lot more than she was expecting when a UK supermarket charged her over £900 for a single banana – the price should have been 11p.

ASDA claimed that a “computer error” occurred when Nottingham resident, Bobbie Gordon, was doing her weekly shop.

Thankfully, the transaction did not go through thanks to her bank’s fraud detection systems picking up the unusual transaction.

The supermarket has apologised for the error, with a spokesperson saying: “Whoops, looks like we’ve slipped up here. Whilst our bananas are excellent, even we agree that they are not worth that much and clearly there has been a glitch in our system.

“We would like to thank Ms Gordon for keeping her eyes peeled and flagging this error to us and we are investigating to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”