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Fancy being a CFO with a difference?

Bunch of pink flamingos

Caribbean hotel seeks CFO to look after some unusual assets.

A luxury resort in the Bahamas is seeking a new CFO. But this CFO will not be managing finance, they will be managing flamingos.

The island’s Baha Mar hotel, which cost £2.48bn to build, is seeking a Chief Flamingo Officer to look after the hotel’s flock of birds that will arrive in the spring.

The successful applicant will be tasked with day-to-day duties such as training the flamingos and making sure they have enough food.

The CFO will also be required to develop a breeding programme and must even be prepared to incubate eggs, hand-rear young and attend sick birds.

Whilst this may seem like a dream job for bird and sun lovers, applicants must have a degree in zoology or a related field to be considered for the role. What is more, the job description states that applicants must be good with people, not just birds.