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New service matches a drinker’s DNA to the perfect bottle of wine.

The trouble choosing between a bottle of Shiraz or a Merlot is no more. This is because a new wine pairing service called Vinome believes it can find you the perfect bottle of wine based on your DNA.

To match you with the perfect bottle of wine, users will need to send a DNA sample via a saliva kit and answer a questionnaire on their taste preferences. Scientists and wine experts then analyse the DNA, matching ten genetic markers linked to smell and taste with different taste profiles defined by Vinome.

This information is then shared with you, containing suggestions about wines you should drink and those that you should avoid. Vinome also provides a curated collection of wine based on your preferences.

Vinome co-founder Sara Riordan explains the rationale behind the business: “If there is a gene that tells you whether you like Brussel sprouts or not, and whether you like cilantro or not, why aren’t we using genetics to tell people whether they would favour a certain wine?”