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Person entering number into snacks vending machine

CIA reveals cybercrime ring stealing from its vending machines.

Cybercrime comes in all shapes and sizes. No story proves this better than the recent news that the CIA’s vending machines were victims of a cyber-attack in 2013.

According to recently released CIA files – following a Freedom of Information request by BuzzFeed – an insider network of hungry staff stole over US$3,300 worth of chocolate bars, crisps and other snacks. They did this by disconnecting cables in the vending machines that allowed them to dispense what they wanted free of charge.

The snack-ring only got caught after an internal audit found that food was being dispensed without any payment taking place.

In classic spy fashion, the CIA set up surveillance cameras on the machines to find out what was happening. The culprit and his fellow conspirators were caught and fired immediately.