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China’s man-pod keeps male shoppers entertained

Man waiting for partner whilst they are shopping

A Chinese mall has built a pod to entertain men while their other halves shop.

For some men, going shopping with their wives is an awful experience. We have all seen them in our local shopping malls; bored spouses looking glum as they wait for their other half to finish browsing.

To combat this, The Global Harbour mall in Shanghai has installed four glass pods that contain a leather chair and a TV with pre-installed retro computer games.

Despite the good intentions of the mall, the glass pods have received mixed reviews, with some citing the lack of air conditioning in the pod to be a serious drawback.

However, it does seem to be keeping men happy overall. One Shanghai resident, Mr Wu, told a local news outlet that “I do not like to accompany my girlfriend shopping … Sometimes when my girlfriend is shopping I play on my mobile phone, but now the mall has a machine, I can let my girlfriend feel at ease shopping.”

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