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Close up of wasps next with wasps sitting on it

Sri Lankan authorities remove thousands of wasps ahead of Modi visit.

In a rather unusual move, the Sri Lankan government has decided to clear thousands of wasps from a tea plantation ahead of Indian Prime Minster Narendra Modi’s upcoming visit.

In an effort to ensure that the Indian leader is not stung whilst visiting the plantation in Hatton, 125km east of the capital Colombo, a private company has been hired to humanely remove the wasps.

“There were two big nests near two helipads. When they land, helicopters can disturb the wasps and they could sting people in that area,” the head of the wasp removal unit Tissa Bandara Thambavita told the AFP news agency.

The displaced insects have been temporarily relocated to a nearby jungle and an eight-strong team is in place to ensure they do not try to make a swift return.