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It is not fine to park here

Multiple parking tickets on car windshield

An unlawfully parked car racks up a big fine.

A Hyundai Coupe that has been left in a car park in Kings Heath, Birmingham, UK for six months has received a staggering 26 parking tickets on its windscreen.

The fines, worth £100 each, mean that the total amount due is £2,600. This far outweighs the value of the Y-reg Hyundai Coupe which typically sells for around £150.

Saj, a shop worker from Grey Haze, a vape shop located in the car park spoke about the vehicle. He said: “It’s been there for about six months, I’ve no idea whose it is. Whoever’s it is, it doesn’t look like they’re coming back to get it.”

This isn’t the first mega-fine issued in the UK this year. A Ford Focus left abandoned in a Huddersfield car park was reportedly left for nearly a month, racking up £1,150 in parking fines – more than the value of the 18-year-old car.