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Voice of Corporate Treasury in association with Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Our Voice of Corporate Treasury Global Study 2017, in association with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, opened on 1st February. Many corporates around the world have already participated and we encourage you to join them.

Your support is crucial to our better understanding of the environment in which you currently operate. It is only by giving you the opportunity to speak up and listening to what you have to say that we will, together, improve our industry.

We understand that you have to do more with less, yet you are still required to maintain sound financial disciplines whilst demonstrating best practice and innovation. We want to help you as you tackle these challenges and we encourage you to participate in this important research study.

This is your opportunity to tell us what your main issues and concerns are. Please tell us about the challenges you are facing and perhaps suggest what else is needed in the corporate treasury space.

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This study covers the increasing responsibilities of the corporate treasury function, your outlook for the future, from treasury priorities and bank relations to risk management, technology, cyber-security, fraud, funding, liquidity and investments.

“Banks and corporates face an increasingly complex and fragmented marketplace driven by globalisation, digital delivery and entrepreneurship. We believe it is more important than ever for banks and service providers to collaborate with each other and corporates to keep providing value to the industry. That is why we are delighted to be supporting Treasury Today’s Voice of Corporate Treasury Global Study in 2017,” says Jonathon Traer-Clark, Head of Global Transaction Services Strategy at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

All participating corporates will receive a full copy of the findings, enabling you to compare your issues with your peers.

The study can be found at and we hope you are able to participate. Individual responses will not be shared and your detailed comments, opinions and observations are as important as the tick-box responses so please do complete the free format boxes in the study wherever you have more to say.

You have until 30th April to have your say. Thank you.