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Reval unveils packaged treasury

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Having studied market needs, Treasury and Risk Management system vendor Reval unveils its new cloud-based packaged approach. From basic to complex, it believes it has all options covered. What’s the deal?

Treasurers have two options now when selecting a Treasury and Risk Management system from Reval: CORE or CHOICE. Launched this week as part of Reval’s new Cloud Platform strategy, these options are the first in a series of packages which the vendor says will offer configurability and scalability to meet the specific needs of various market segments, all through a single multi-tenant platform.

Reval CORE is pitched at mid-market treasuries that want to move away from spreadsheets and manual processes onto a more professional and modern platform without over-engineering the tools they use. Reval CHOICE offers just that: it is aimed at treasury operations that have a much more complex structure and now want to mix and match functionality and configurability.

The whole concept is described by the vendor’s Chief Marketing Officer and EVP of Corporate Strategy, Justin Brimfield, as being “designed by the way markets consume”. The main driver for this new approach to TMS technology is the higher adoption rate by treasurers of the subscription (ie cloud-based) model rather than installed.

Having bought its new strategy to market and created packages around organisational maturity and specific use cases, Brimfield says Reval is now focused on positioning its offering “based on the needs of specific treasury audiences that we identify”. Where observable treasury commonalities are apparent, he suggests that Reval may even offer specific sector or regional versions. “Because we have the single line of source code and one platform, we are able to package along the lines of whatever we feel the market indicates.”

Explaining each of the current packages in more detail, Brimfield says that, as a pre-configured offering, CORE is based on observable best practice and “collaborative innovation” that encapsulates the essence of less complex mid-market treasury operations. This option provides a subset of the full Reval offering with basic configurability. It is intended to meet fundamental cash and liquidity management, and risk and accounting needs. By stripping away complexities that are not typically needed by this market sector, the vendor has come up with a pre-built and integrated workflow that, says Brimfield, should speed up system implementation and deployment. Because users of CORE can only access the basics, when the time comes to move forward they can transition to CHOICE. At this point, because the same platform is used, Reval will simply reconfigure the back-end, retaining all existing data and settings but enabling access to the full set of functionality and configurability.

The CHOICE package enables treasurers and risk teams operating in more advanced environments to self-select and configure around their own use cases. When selecting this “access all areas” model, these operations can call upon Reval’s industry experts who are on hand to help identify the most appropriate selection of technologies for immediate and future use.

As part of its new approach, Reval is also now rolling out its ClearPath migration services, aimed at “liberating” companies – especially those that have only been using Reval’s risk suite – from their installed legacy treasury technology. The service will provide guidance and planning on the migration path, as well as the tools and the resources to achieve the transition. Brimfield believes the combination of services offered effectively form a “financial incentive” that can “ease the burden of moving from the installed world to the cloud world.”