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Corporate Treasury Benchmarking now live

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Treasury Today has launched its Corporate Treasury Benchmarking studies for Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East. Please participate in order to receive a confidential report which summarises the headline findings.

Our 2013 Asia Pacific, European and Middle East Corporate Treasury Benchmarking studies are now live.

The studies focus on a wide range of issues from bank relations, counterparty risk, credit and cash, liquidity and working capital management to supply chain and technology. We now include a specific section on the key performance indicators (KPIs) being deployed and, where stated, the actual metrics companies are achieving. This data is providing yet further insight into the corporate treasury arena with many corporates adopting such measures. This year we have introduced a number of new measures, including an entirely new section enabling you to rank the banks.

Scott Ahlstrom, Corporate Treasurer at Accenture, winner of the 2013 Adam Smith Awards for Best in Class Benchmarking category, comments on the key to success: “Strong project governance and focus on measurable results allowed Accenture to exceed treasury benchmarks and gain long-term operational efficiencies in corporate treasury.”

Karsten Kabas, Head of Corporate Treasury, Merz GmbH & Co. KGaA, adds: “Benchmarking gives us the opportunity to identify where we stand and how we develop over the time in relation to our peers. The external comparison is essential for the progress of a unique corporate function like treasury.”

The findings and individual benchmarking results are exclusively available to participating corporates.

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