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German mayor introduces ‘easy’ parking spaces for women

Depressed woman in car

Larger parking bays that are well lit have been allocated as ‘women only’ in the Black Forest town of Triberg. Men on the other hand have been given the spaces next to concrete pillars that can only be parked in by reversing. Gender symbols painted on the ground make the distinction.

According to the Spiegel and the Telegraph, the town’s mayor has only had a minor backlash to his new scheme from the ‘politically correct’ and he is indeed inviting women to come and prove him wrong by parking in the ‘men only’ spaces.

But this is not the first scheme of its kind by any means. In fact, China has a number of similar initiatives underway, with one shopping mall building an entire car park for women. The bays there are a whole metre wider than the standard bays and the car park is decorated in pink and purple tones.

Despite these gender based parking schemes which have been branded ‘sexist’ and ‘outdated’, the latest research from UK car park company NCP shows that it is the fairer sex who has more success in parking. Indeed, according to the study results released in January, 39% of female drivers cleanly executed a reverse manoeuvre into a space, compared to only 28% of men.