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Shoots you, sir!

In Europe, politicians aren’t known for their fashion sense. When they want to add a sartorial flourish to the standard three-piece suit, they more often than not opt for a novelty tie or shoulder pads.

In Latin America, which gave us the sombrero, the poncho and the guayabera shirt and where the political animal is an endangered species, things are a tad different. There, fashion has become a way of life – in a very literal sense.

This is especially so in Mexico where drugs-related violence is reportedly up 11 per cent on 2010. In total, almost fifty thousand people have died in drug-related violence since 2006.

With this is in mind, Miguel Caballeo, a Bogata-based designer, has developed a range of bulletproof jackets, polo shirts, and T-shirts for candidates vying to become the country’s next president later in the year.

The highlight of the Teflon trousseau is an imitation-leather attaché case that unfolds into a bulletproof shield 80cm in diameter and the height of a grown man.

Mr Caballero told the Financial Times that at least one of Mexico’s presidential candidates had already snapped up “absolutely everything” in the range, including the case-cum-shield.