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Treasurers, green and bear it!

Corporates can no longer afford to turn a blind eye to the environmental impact their businesses make. In a world of dwindling natural resources and competing national interests, it makes a lot of sense for treasurers to keep tabs on their ecological footprint, and yes, there’s an app for that.

Rosslyn Analytics, a business intelligence software developer, has teamed up with the marketing company Trucost to launch the world’s first self-service sustainability app. The software allows corporates to calculate and manage their supply chain’s carbon and water footprint – in real-time. Users also have the ability to track and monitor their carbon risks such as energy price rises and carbon tax exposures, as well as variables such as water scarcity and commodity prices.

In addition, the app allows the corporate to drill down into its data and view it by region. A risk rating is automatically assigned according to regional factors that could impact corporate profits and/or continuity of supply. “The method of scoring can be applied across the board to any company. That’s the breakthrough. There is information out there, but it is locked in on a client-by-client basis. With our modular approach to the application, we can distribute this globally to any and all of our clients who have a list of suppliers they are using,” explains Hugh Cox, Rosslyn’s Chief Innovation Officer and Founder.

While other supply chain software certainly exists today, it is often concerned with the logistics side of business flows. “A major obstacle to universal corporate responsibility and sustainability is the lack of easy-to-use and affordable business intelligence software in the market that provides visibility into all timely supply chain risks and costs,” confirms Richard Mattison, Trucost’s Chief Executive Officer.

That said, another major obstacle to universal corporate responsibility and sustainability is, as Mattison alludes to, cost. At $650 a month for a one license to RA.Pid for Excel (Rosslyn Analytics’ data management and reporting platform) will all corporations have the conscience to weigh up economical cost against ecological cost?