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Price hikes inevitable as Basel III looms

Thunder clouds and lightning over the sea

The new requirements of Basel III are already forcing banks to reassess every aspect of their relationship with corporates. In core funding, trade finance and transaction services products will change and pricing will rise. It is possible that some relationships will not survive the turmoil.

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  1. Check out Credit Suisse latest results for proof of this. They've l;owered their ROE targets for the next few years and have effectively said that new regulations especially Basel III will significantlky affect their profits. That has to mean price rises - or maybe we should all start looking for new emerging market bank partners who will compete on price to gain market share from our traditional providers?
    Colin212's Gravatar

    Colin212 2011-02-17 13:26:16

  2. We have strong relationships with our banks, but interesting read nonetheless. Basel III a conundrum but we think we've sold it.
    Bobby De Zler's Gravatar

    Bobby De Zler 2011-02-17 14:03:08