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Data mashups help improve decision-making and reduce costs

New analytical tools and processes based on concepts derived from the internet will be the next stage in driving treasury efficiency and improving decision-making.

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  1. 'Data mash-ups' sounds way too cool and trendy to be a real treasury phrase - we're not Disc Jockeys! Still, it sounds like a great use of online technologies - I look forward to discussing its possibilities with my colleagues in FX.
    TheCashMan's Gravatar

    TheCashMan 2011-02-17 11:42:01

  2. Can this kind of data analysis be done within existing treasury systems or do I have to expand my existing system or buy a new system? And isn't this a huge amount of complex work to create what are largely obvious conclusions?
    SimonBrady's Gravatar

    SimonBrady 2011-02-17 11:50:12